Monday 27 April 2020

SR&RL - Farmington, Maine

Sept 2, 1933 at Farmington, Maine one sees engine No. 18 at work. From the George Melvin collection I purchased last year.

Sunday 26 April 2020

At Portland, Maine

Don applying the brakes on a Maine two footer, Sept. 11, 2016.
Don Janes and I visited Maine Narrow Gauge museum in Portland, Maine during the 2016 national narrow gauge convention. We were actually on our way home and stopped in to check it out. In these photos Don and I are posing for each other...kind of goofing around on our way back to the parking lot...more photos of the museum to come...George Dutka

Now it is my turn on the rear of the coach.

Thursday 23 April 2020

S P Warren Co.

SP Warren No. 2 O-6-OT at Cumberland Mills, Maine, 1937. Scanned from a collection I purchased from George Melvin.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Bar Mills - Extras

BarMills version of a scale ruler included in their kits.
In the Crown Crates kit there was two extras...BarMills scale ruler and a conversion chart which I really enjoyed checking out...cheers...George Dutka

This is kind of neat. A scale speed ruler, scale conversion chart for photocopying and tree height chart for all scales.

Saturday 18 April 2020

Crown Crates Completed

The lumber storage structure is put to use at the end of a spur on my White River Division. The other structure is going to be used in my waterfront scene.
This structure was constructed over the Easter Weekend. Everything went together well and the stains are my standard applications for raw wood...George Dutka

The storage shed roof is corrugated, but made from paper card-stock. I painted it dollar store cinnamon brown which is a rust colour. It got some dark and light rust Bragdon powders. The stack on the shed is painted cast iron then rusted up with AK rusts and Bragdon powders. I added some additional bracing that is not included.

The walls began with a coat of Floquil grime, then India ink-alcohol mix. I then used some Floquil reefer white dry brushed on the walls as highlights. One door is modeled open. Some PanPastels are applied to the walls as staining and grime. I did add some nail holes with a pin when done. The details on the side are cast metal.

The lumber storage shed was stained with Floquil grime first then India ink-alcohol wash, followed by dry brushing of Floquil reefer white and old concrete. The kit came with about double the lumber one needs to fill the rack. There are a lot of plywood sheeting also for the lower rack. I only used a couple. The roofing included was enough for two or three kits. Some was to be used for the fencing. I built the fence and it will be used in my back alley module.

Friday 17 April 2020

Harrisburg Narrow O Summer Meet

I had this flyer saved that I picked up last year at Trainfest. I thought I might go as is looked interesting. Well things have changed drastically and everyone's travel plans are on hold for who know how long. Looking to the future this will be on my to-do list...George Dutka

Wednesday 15 April 2020

BarMills - Crown Crate Company

My finished Crown Crate Co.
It has been awhile since I built a BarMills kit...maybe two years. I purchased this kit during the Danvers, Ma.  Structure Expo. Peter Mumby and I took a tour of the BarMills plant housed in a replica Maine two foot station on the day before Expo. Since they did not have a booth at the show they offered kits at a discount and this kit was what I walked away with. It sure took me a long time to get at it. Maybe it takes a pandemic to have focus. I really enjoy building BarMills kits, Their instructions are of the best out there and the parts fit as they should. One also gets more trim and bracing than is required to complete the model. The captions tell the story and a second post will follow regarding this kit...George Dutka
What's in the box has been laid out here.

Only one lamp shade is required but 4 are included. The casting are very clean.

The box includes a scale rulers on the box and a second one inside along with other great modeling information.

The basic bracing is done.

The main shed is done. The side shed is seen ready to be added. The roof ribbing is applied. The roof will be painted a light gray shortly.

The building and lumber storage shed is assembled. The next step is staining and painting. More to come shortly.

Monday 6 April 2020

Lowery Seafood - FOS kit of the month

The finished model now needs a home. It might be time to start the waterfront scene.
Here is a good look at another piece of my waterfront on to the next project...isolation is a good thing, at least for now...George Dutka

I used all the signs included. Some are just leaning against the wall and barrel.
The tar paper roof was made from construction paper coloured green. The side wall sign got a bit of sanding to the printed side which really weathered it up a good amount.
The rear wall is pretty plain. The walls are india ink- alcohol mix followed by a wash of Floquil grime. I then sponged on some yellow, blue and green acrylic mix.
The small fish sign is off the plans. The barrel and box garbage can are included in the kit.
I modeled a couple of windows panes as broken. The trim is a mix of Floquil old concrete and grime.