Friday 27 March 2020

Lowery Seafood Construction

The basic colouring is completed. Now the weathering is about to begin. The Tichy window still needs painting which will be Floquil old concrete and grime mixed coating. Old concrete was put on last but thin.
A couple of view of the under construction of FOS Lowery Seafood...George Dutka

The walls are colours with a base coat of India ink and alcohol followed by a wash of Floquil grime. I then sponged on a light coat of acrylic greens made by mixing yellow, blue and green. I then sponged on some lime green as highlights. The weathering is also sponged on using AK products.

Thursday 26 March 2020

FOS kit-of-the-month

Lowery Seafood is what is now on my workbench. It will make a great addition to a waterfront view.
I was working  this month on another FOS kit-of-the-month to be added to a waterfront scene once I have enough structures to lay it out. The initial construction went really well...George Dutka

Lots of nice little stuff.
The walls are braced and partly assembled. The drawings have a few missing instruction notes which should not really confuse one as the construction is straight forward.
The second story needed some clamping to hold the walls in place.
A sneak peak at the finished went together so well I got it finished before this post was finished.

Saturday 14 March 2020

Finishing my On30" Covered Bridge

The finished model.
I did not build this bridge but I spent an afternoon weathering it up a few months ago to take to the Woodstock train show. As it turned out I liked how it looked and will build a diorama around it. I had already posted a few photos of here is some of what I did...George Dutka

This is how it looked when I began
Once all the acrylics are applied I went over all the roofing with a rust color PanPastel, but lightly.
End view

Close-up of the roofing that looks a lot better now.
The deck less tracks has got a good coat of PanPastel grays.
These are all the colors I used to paint the roof and walls of this bridge. There are about four colors of rust on the roof seams and edges. Some sponging of these colours was included.
Some of the PanPastel colours used on the sides. I also ran a AK pencil down many of the seams using a dust/rainmarks colouring. The left side has the pencil marks while the right still needs some applied.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

KCRR No, 2

KCRR number 2 on the turntable at Randolph, Maine. Don Janes and I visited this location along the river during the National Narrow Gauge Convention a few years back...nothing there these days. From the George Melvin photo collection I purchased.

Friday 6 March 2020

SR&RL Strong, Maine

Boxcar No. 67 to the left and flat No. 64 on siding. No date or other information. I found it interesting to see so many milk cans next to the flat...maybe something to model at Strong, Maine. From the George Melvin purchase.