Tuesday 30 December 2014

Hunterline 50 ft. Queen Post Bridge

Peter Mumby`s completed bridge is on the right and mine to the left. Once we added the wire rods and plates with adjustment nuts some Bragdon powders are used adding a rust and dust look.

WOD Make and Take Workshop
Earlier this month Don Janes, Peter Mumby and I attended the WOD (NMRA sub.) Make and Take workshop in Ingersoll, Ont. There is more coverage in my WRD blog posted earlier this month. We spent the day building a 50' Queen Post bridge supplied by Hunterline. Peter and I built the S scale version for use on our On30" modules. The 16' wide versions is just right for our trains. We got 90% of the bridge built during the workshop. Yesterday we finally got around to finishing our models. Peter is thinking of crossing a river and I am looking at a road crossing similar to one on the Maine Two Footers....George Dutka

The inspiration for my model`s setting is these two location found in M2FQ. I plan to build a roadway under mine. My bridge in this photo is about 90% finished.

Sunday 14 December 2014

Desktop Scene

Just out of storage my HOn30 turntable scene is ready for another modelers season. One of these days I may put all my small scenes together into a larger module.
Here is my little HOn30 turntable scene that normally sits next to my hobby work station. It normally rests on a swivel base so I can swing it around when I take a break from my current projects. I have done a post featuring this little scene in the past...George Dutka

Saturday 6 December 2014

Hinkle's scene finished

My little Bar Mills kit is now in place on my On30" module. It really fit in well in the foreground.
I finally got around to finishing the scenery on my Hinkle's general store scene. The photos tell the story...George Dutka

There are a lot of weeds and rubbish around Hinkle's general store.

Monday 1 December 2014

Swinging Old No. 9 Around

The boys have finished swinging old No. 9 around...think they will be heading out of town shortly.

I was taking a few photos of my On30 module the other day...mainly of my new loading ramp...thought this one at the turntable turned out really nice also...enjoy....George Dutka

Sunday 30 November 2014

Wiscasset's Diorama

Here is a view of my Wiscasset's HOn30 diorama I built a few years ago. My station of Wiscasset was built from plans in RMC by Frary and Hayden.  I built my model back in the late 1980's or early 1990's. I used it on a 2'x4' module I had built back then. This little diorama gets put away for the summer months and pulled out and set on my book case during the winter months. I really enjoy this scene. I think I will take a few newer photos shortly and share them with you....George Dutka

Saturday 22 November 2014

Loading Ramp is Loaded

Seems there is a lot of freight to move today. Don't see any workers around so it may be awhile before it is all sorted out.
I finally finished the scenery update around the new structures added to my On30" W&Q Ry. module. This ramp was first viewed in my June 28, 2013 post if one wishes to look back. The loading ramp has been loaded with a few of my new casting collected this past year. The roadway was altered to accommodate the ramp. Now to find another truck to add to the scene...George Dutka

My new ramp is actually an S scale model that seems to work well for my On30" scene. It was originally used on Doug Rochefort's  S scale layout.
Many of the barrels and sacks are plaster casting that received at coat of Hunterline stain then some Bragdon powder.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Hinkle's a Second Look

An overall view of Hinkle's.
I still have a few nice views of my O scale Bar Mills kit that I thought you might like to see...enjoy...George Dutka

I used a few of the signs included but I wanted more signs that would be seen on a general store...these came from my files.
A look at the backside of Hinkle's.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

New Ramp

The ramp is in early stages of installation. I did have to cut out a bit of a dirt mound when leveling things out.
I purchase a S scale ramp a few years ago with thought of using it somewhere on an On30 module. It actually looks good next to narrow gauge cars. The plan was to use it on an additional module. I do plan to build a second module at some point but for now I think I will add the ramp near the turntable...George Dutka

Sunday 19 October 2014

Hinkle's is open for buisness on the W&Q Ry.

Looks like I have leveled out Hinkle's and maybe it is time for some plaster cloth and scenery.
Well Almost!
I have used some plywood and Gatorfoam to level out the site for Hinkle's. I now need to get some plaster cloth installed so the scenery can be finished...stay tuned for the grand opening....George Dutka

Think the cows will be moving soon when they see my scenery crew messing up their pasture.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Bar Mills - O scale Hinkle's

A close up look at my version of the Hinkle's general store. This kit is actually offered as a package store...but I don`t want any liquor infractions or bootlegging taking place that close to the US-Canadian border on the W&Q Ry.
I originally began reviewing this kit in my post June 9, 2014 (What's in the box No. 4). The Wiscasset and Quebec Ry now has a new general store and I am currently working on installing it on the module. This small Bar Mills O scale kit was a really nice build. The instructions are very good and the parts fit well together. I am bad for not following the instructions and these did have a few good tips I overlooked.

I began by adding nail holes and a few pulled up boards. The corners are glued on and the walls are glued and squared up before the roof and eaves are added. I added extra supports to the walls using the left over stock lumber in this kit.

The wall, windows and doors got a coat of Hunterline light gray. The door and windows are brush painted Floquil Reading green that is thinned down a lot, then dusted with Bragdon green grunge followed by dark rail brown powder. The walls got a wash of Floquil grime then a wash of reefer white. As this began to dry I dry brushed some more reefer white. The roofing is a corrugated looking paper material. A wash of Floquil tuscan red followed by signal red and rust streaks was applied followed by some Bragdon rust powders. If I was to do it again I would airbrush or spray bomb a base colour and use powders as I did not feel the washes blended together well on this type of roofing material. The roofing material is best painted before application, something I did not do. On the chimney and sign I used plaster to add the white colouring. The details are painted Floquil caboose red or Reading green.

The awning and door blind insert really add to this kit. I normally colour photocopy these items before use so I have a spare if things go wrong. The kit was a fun build and my first Bar Mills build....George Dutka.

The basic walls, windows and doors are assembled.
The three window parts on the right go together to make one window.
I pulled a few boards up on the walls. The windows and doors took a bit of work assembling them...they sure do look good once completed.
The corrugated style roofing is installed, the sidewalk, windows and door are now painted. The walls have also been finished. The wood strips on the right were used on the bottom of the model to form a footing base. One need this so at the front the sidewalk can be attached properly below the door.
The kit included a good amount of detail parts to finish the scene. Even some old newspapers are found in this kit which can be copied and used in other locations also. The Coca-Cola button is a really nice inclusion in this kit. To add the white I just wiped some plaster over the sign...it really works well.

Sunday 28 September 2014

Salvage shop - more photos

The finished model is seen with the large doors open and window swung out. The weathering is a mix of Bragdon powders.

I still had a couple extra photos once I finished yesterday's post on the WRD...thought these might inspire one to add such a structure near a HOn30" shop area....George Dutka

This little storage building looks interesting no matter which angle you view it from. I will be adding it to a peninsula so one will see all sides.

Friday 26 September 2014

Bar Mills - Bulls Salvage

This Bar Mills model is almost completed...just some glazing in the windows and a few more scraps on the roof needs to be added.
I just finished my version of the Bar Mills, Bull Salvage for my White River Division Westboro scene. It will be a B&M yard structure instead of a salvage building. It was an easy kit to build and I really like all the angles and materials used in the kit. I like it so much I think I will build the O scale version to include next to my turntable on my On30" module....I will posting more photos and comments of my HO scale kit this weekend on my White River Division site...check it out....George Dutka.

White River Division

Sunday 24 August 2014

Wiscasset & Quebec Ry. - Peter's Engine

Peter Mumby's module and power in the early stages of scenery. I took these photos a couple of years ago. The yard office is finished but awaiting detailing in this scene. The Bachmann engine got a facelift to follow our layout's theme.

Peter Mumby has a nice looking Bachmann steam engine that he was planning on running on our Wiscasset & Quebec Ry. modules. It was undecorated but painted. I don't recall all we did to it as it was a few years back. We did use my W&Q HO scale Sloan decals applied on the sides. I have had these from decades and I was not sure if they would still be good enough to apply...but they worked out well. The cab roof was painted tuscan red and the engine became good old number one. Some light weathering was added also. It does not follow the real W&Q Ry. heritage but it is good enough for us giving Peter a engine to fool around with. We think it looks kind of neat hauling our small fleet of flats and boxcars from module to module....George Dutka

A close up look at Peter's road power for our W&Q Ry.  For some reason the crew has taken off...must be lunch time in Maine or maybe Quebec...our modules skirt the borders of the two.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

100th Post

Peter Mumby's On30" module which is part of the joint  Wiscasset and Quebec Ry. Photo by Peter Mumby.
100 is kind of a magic number especially if it is your age. I have had a very busy summer this year. Between being at the lake and re-carpeting the whole house (we got a great deal on carpet in June) I have been pulling carpet and painting each room as I go along. As it turned out they showed up and started laying the wrong carpet the last day of July....its a long story...we basically moved without leaving the house...all our furniture is piled up in two rooms and we are living like college student with a mattress on the plywood  floor...all should be back to normal on Monday when the flooring is done.

As you can see no time for posts or modeling. I am getting anxious for modeling season to begin...should be in early October once the boat is out....till then have a great summer or what is left of it....George Dutka

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Maine General Store

This is the web site view of this smaller general store...I think it would work well on an HOn30" layout.
Andover, Maine
 by Mount Blue Modeling Co.

I few weeks back Dave Frary posted a finished model of the Andover General Store offered by Mt. Blue. The model is actually built by his friend Bob Hayden for his new layout. The model measures 3" by 7 3/4". Check out my link at the right for Trackside Scenery to view this model.

I think this HO scale model would look great on any narrow gauge or New England based layout. I am planning on ordering one for my White River Division layout. I have a great spot in the foreground for just such a structure....link below....George Dutka

 Mount Blue Model Co.

Thursday 17 July 2014

W&Q Ry Turntable

I built up my turntable base using srtipwood. It originally was an Atlas RR bridge.
I was going through my narrow gauge modeling photos and came across a view I took prior to painting my turntable....guess it would have been nice with my original post...Oh well....George Dutka

Friday 11 July 2014

Fuel Tank - W&Q Ry.

Diesel fuel is now available in limited supply on the W&Q Ry.
While building my On30" W&Q Ry. module I decided to add a small diesel fuel tank near the turntable. I only have one steam engine in my roster so diesel fuel is not an issue for me. But when Peter Mumby runs his small diesels over to my module I best have some way to fuel them up...it may at some point need to make it back home. I used an old half HO scale tank car which once was found on my shop track back in the late 1980's. That was on my HO scale Randolph yard scene....an article on my yard can be found in the January 1992 issue of RMC.  It has been in storage since then and well deserving of a new life....George Dutka

An overhead view of my old HO scale tank car half which was painted and weathered amost 30 years ago. I did add a piece of wire as a filling hose and some new chalk weathering recently.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Followers List

Just another look at my On30" W&Q Ry module...note the fuel tank in the foreground...that is from my old HO scale, CV  Randoph yard layout.
I finally figured out how to setup a  followers list for this blog...if you wish to join this list feel free to add your name and follow along...George

Monday 30 June 2014


Finally got around to posting my finished version of BarMills Models Hinkle's store. I will cover how the building went together shortly but thought I would give you a preview. It will be added to my W&Q Ry. module this fall....George Dutka

Thursday 12 June 2014

BEST O Scale Castings

While at the recent Collinsville Prototype Meet I came by some interesting casting at BEST Trains. They already  have a really nice collection of HO scale metal castings. Recently they have added some O scale casting to there inventory and if they do well others will be offered. Currently one can purchase flying seagulls, sitting seagulls, pigeons, hydrants, trash cans, ball signal balls, saw horses, mail box anvil, milk can and hand pump for wells. These are $9.95 per package and I don't believe they are listed on their web page yet....George Dutka

Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - Welcome!

Monday 9 June 2014

Caboose Hop

No freight today hope this does not become a trend.

Seems as a caboose hop has arrived at Quebec Jct....I think I see a few paying passenger in the caboose today...I hope this is an off day for freight as the price of coal just went up....George Dutka

What's in the Box No. 4

The kit is a nice wooden laser cut structure that includes some nice signs and awnings.
Bar Mills - Hinkle's Package Store
O Scale

Last fall I purchase this little kit for use on my O scale module. I plan to place it on the roadway across the track from the freight house. The structure can be used as any kind of store one can think of. It does have a bit of whimsical feel to it...as may of Bar Mills kits have. This particular kit is named after Pat Hingle a huckster usually dressed all in white on the old Andy Griffith Show. The kit includes some nice details such as mailbox, garbage pails, fire hydrant, broom and a really cool soda sign.  The walls are laser cut wood and the signs are nicely printed in the instruction sheets. O scale newspapers are also included to throw around the sidewalk which is also included. The instructions I feel  are really well done...now to get it built...stay tuned...George Dutka

A close up look at the detail package along with the laser cut door and windows. The details are seen on top of the roofing base.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

W&Q Ry - Overall View

I have shown you many views of my On30 module over the past year but have yet to show you it overall. Here is a look of my 6 foot module that is now pretty close to being finished...George Dutka

Friday 9 May 2014

Turntable - Another Look

I thought I should take a photo which shows you what the strip-wood walkway looks like on the turntable. I just used what stripwood  I had on hand and weathered it up a bit...George Dutka

Friday 2 May 2014

W&Q Ry Turntable - O Scale

One of the elements of my On30" module is a turntable which is used to turn my Forney engine. I followed Dave Frary's example on his HOn30" C&DR Ry. but in a larger scale. I had an unused HO scale Altas bridge that seemed to fit my O scale Forney perfectly. This was a simple build. I used two aluminium tubes that fit inside each other for the pin. I ran two wires through and soldered them to the rail. Two T-bar and supports are glued near the centre and hand holds for the helper to push the thing around at the corners. The whole thing is painted grimy black with chalk weathering added. The last addition is strip wood walkways weathered and attached to the turntable and it is then good to go...George Dutka

The turntable has access on one end only. The rusty chalk weathering can be seen on this well used piece of RR necessity.
An overall view of my Forney on the turntable.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Wooden Skids - Osborn Models

Both the HO and O scale skids are seen here. Mine have the loads on them. I thought they looked very realistic.
Peter Mumby and I purchases two packages of Osborn Models wooden skids at the last train show I attended with him. One is O scale (which is not available any more but can be found from time to time) and a HO scale version. We decided to split them up and built some for both scales. On our last work session for this season Peter and I finished the day by trying our hand at two wooden skids. We built one of each scale. When finished they looked very realistic...more so then the resin and metal types I typically purchase. The HO scale skid looked good without any finishes applied but the O scale skid did need some stain and weathering.  Once we figured out what we where doing the skids went together very easy. The instruction sheet was not that easy to digest for two old guys like us. On the O scale model we distressed the wood a bit. We then used some Hunterline stain on both scale models followed by some PanPals and Bragdon Powders. I liked what the powders did to the skids in HO and the PanPals worked great in O scale...George Dutka

O scale skids
All that is include in the kits for both scales. Peter and I built two skids each. This project took about 20 minutes including staining and weathering. Now that we know how they go together we should be able to build them much quicker...if we don't forget by the fall.

Friday 25 April 2014

Licence Plate Added

Plate is now added. The building in the background is my current project...Bar Mills Hinkle's Packing House. I think it will be located near the frt. house.
I finally got a plate attached to my pickup truck. I used a Maine 1942 version which was black and white. It maybe a tad bit bigger than it should be but I wanted to be able to read it. Think all is legal now...George Dutka

Friday 18 April 2014

Comparing an Athearn to Berkshire Truck

As I now have two O scale trucks on my layout I noticed a size difference. Peter also mentioned this as they both appear to be the same vintage, 1934 Ford trucks. The Athearn model seems a bit smaller in size. I am not sure why. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has noted the same difference....George Dutka

Thursday 17 April 2014

Berkshire Valley Inc. - 1934 Pickup Truck

Building an O Scale Truck
What's in the Box No. 3 gave one a view of what is included with this nice truck kit. I used Walthers Goo to attach most of the parts once filed and cleaned. I did have to do some extensive trimming to the axles so the wheels would fit under the fenders. I painted all the parts Floquil Brunswick Green (which is almost black). The headlights, grill, bumper and gas cap are painted Floquil old silver by brush. I dabbed some signal red on the tail light and stick shift ball. I was going to paint the truck two tone as seen on the box but decided to use Bragdon weathering powder for the coloured areas. I went with Antique Iron brushed on the cab which gave it a nicely weathered look. I also covered the rims with the same powder. The frame, tires and truck bed got a coating of my black soot powder. This project was a nice change from my other winter model projects and surprisingly not at all difficult to build...George Dutka

The old pickup is being put to work...seems an arriving boxcar  load of local freight needs delivery.
The truck is ready to roll other than I still need to find a plate to make things legal.