Tuesday 28 October 2014

Hinkle's a Second Look

An overall view of Hinkle's.
I still have a few nice views of my O scale Bar Mills kit that I thought you might like to see...enjoy...George Dutka

I used a few of the signs included but I wanted more signs that would be seen on a general store...these came from my files.
A look at the backside of Hinkle's.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

New Ramp

The ramp is in early stages of installation. I did have to cut out a bit of a dirt mound when leveling things out.
I purchase a S scale ramp a few years ago with thought of using it somewhere on an On30 module. It actually looks good next to narrow gauge cars. The plan was to use it on an additional module. I do plan to build a second module at some point but for now I think I will add the ramp near the turntable...George Dutka

Sunday 19 October 2014

Hinkle's is open for buisness on the W&Q Ry.

Looks like I have leveled out Hinkle's and maybe it is time for some plaster cloth and scenery.
Well Almost!
I have used some plywood and Gatorfoam to level out the site for Hinkle's. I now need to get some plaster cloth installed so the scenery can be finished...stay tuned for the grand opening....George Dutka

Think the cows will be moving soon when they see my scenery crew messing up their pasture.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Bar Mills - O scale Hinkle's

A close up look at my version of the Hinkle's general store. This kit is actually offered as a package store...but I don`t want any liquor infractions or bootlegging taking place that close to the US-Canadian border on the W&Q Ry.
I originally began reviewing this kit in my post June 9, 2014 (What's in the box No. 4). The Wiscasset and Quebec Ry now has a new general store and I am currently working on installing it on the module. This small Bar Mills O scale kit was a really nice build. The instructions are very good and the parts fit well together. I am bad for not following the instructions and these did have a few good tips I overlooked.

I began by adding nail holes and a few pulled up boards. The corners are glued on and the walls are glued and squared up before the roof and eaves are added. I added extra supports to the walls using the left over stock lumber in this kit.

The wall, windows and doors got a coat of Hunterline light gray. The door and windows are brush painted Floquil Reading green that is thinned down a lot, then dusted with Bragdon green grunge followed by dark rail brown powder. The walls got a wash of Floquil grime then a wash of reefer white. As this began to dry I dry brushed some more reefer white. The roofing is a corrugated looking paper material. A wash of Floquil tuscan red followed by signal red and rust streaks was applied followed by some Bragdon rust powders. If I was to do it again I would airbrush or spray bomb a base colour and use powders as I did not feel the washes blended together well on this type of roofing material. The roofing material is best painted before application, something I did not do. On the chimney and sign I used plaster to add the white colouring. The details are painted Floquil caboose red or Reading green.

The awning and door blind insert really add to this kit. I normally colour photocopy these items before use so I have a spare if things go wrong. The kit was a fun build and my first Bar Mills build....George Dutka.

The basic walls, windows and doors are assembled.
The three window parts on the right go together to make one window.
I pulled a few boards up on the walls. The windows and doors took a bit of work assembling them...they sure do look good once completed.
The corrugated style roofing is installed, the sidewalk, windows and door are now painted. The walls have also been finished. The wood strips on the right were used on the bottom of the model to form a footing base. One need this so at the front the sidewalk can be attached properly below the door.
The kit included a good amount of detail parts to finish the scene. Even some old newspapers are found in this kit which can be copied and used in other locations also. The Coca-Cola button is a really nice inclusion in this kit. To add the white I just wiped some plaster over the sign...it really works well.