Tuesday 17 November 2015

B&H Ry Boxcar #72

Here we have a view I scanned from a print of boxcar number #72 I got from Mark Harris. This car is one of the largest two foot boxcars built and was in the group #71-73 with a 34 foot length over sills. This car survived to run at Edavlle in the 1940's. Not sure of the era of this photo but by the way the gentleman in the boxcar looks I am thinking it is during the days in Edaville....George Dutka

Sunday 8 November 2015

Baggage Wagon Loads

Old trunks on display at Palmer, Mass. on a just as old baggage wagon.
I took these photo a couple of year ago at the ex-station in Palmer, Mass. Nothing spectacular other than it gave me close look at old time trunks that I need to add to my own carts...George Dutka

A group of four old trunks that are showing their age. They do though give one hints to what the original colouring looked like.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Sn2 Crew

Looks like there is money to be made by the amount of passengers at the platform.
I took a group of photos with my pocket Canon of the Sn2 modules belonging to the Sn2 Crew at the January 2015 Springfield train show...George Dutka.

At Springfield 2015.
A Forney idling away.
The cut hay looks really good and the workers have their hands full. I took this close up to help with my own modeling...might give this scene a try.

An overall look at the cut hay.

A water tank on near the curve.