Saturday 29 May 2021

Railfanning the SR&RL in Philips, Maine

Photo run-by on Sept. 9, 2016. I found there was so many visitors that stood up close to the train that a good photo of the train was impossible to get. I wonder what sort of photo this group came away being so close to the tracks.

During the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine Don Janes and I took the bus trip up to Philips, Maine to visit the railway display and museum. One event planned for us was a run-by in an open field which was not really well planned. There was no photo line, everyone just picked a spot which included many people in the photos. The group here taking a photo in the shade was not bad but when the train was seen in the sunshine it was a different story. Funny many of those are just there to watch and not take photos seemed to be right up front. So I stood back and photographed the gang in front of the passing train documenting the days events...George Dutka

Sunday 23 May 2021

Bachmann Tender

Most of the weathering was done with PanPastels and Bragdon powders but some acrylic tube paints are used.

A few views of my Bachmann On30" tender I weathered up a few years back...George Dutka

The coal load is from Sylvan Scale Models with a coating of PanPastel coarse coal. The decals are from a Mount Blue Model Co. boxcar set.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Turntables in Maine

During a visit to the WW&F I took a look at the turntable pit. Sept 8, 2016

I have not been to Maine since 2016 and at that time the WW&F museum was working on a turntable. I found out recently it had been done for some time. It looks really good in the photos I have seen. Now for the borders to open up and visit planned...George Dutka

The hand operated turntable was in use in Philips, Maine on Sept 9, 2016.

Monday 3 May 2021

Bob Hayden Modules

Although I did not get any rolling stock on the modules I was actually after views of how the landscape was done.

At the Maine 2016 National Narrow Gauge Convention I took some photos of an HOn30" modular railroad which included a few sections that I believe was done by Bob Hayden...George Dutka

Not all the areas are complete as one can see at the background.