Thursday 28 October 2021

Full Load

This is surely an interesting boat load. An engine, tender and three flat cars. Could make an neat model. I hope the seas are calm were they are going.

I got this photos from my friend Bruce Douglas...interesting boat load that I though I should share. No date or data included. If you look on the dock there is a lot more flat cars to be moved...George Dutka

Friday 15 October 2021


Taking a close-up view of a license plate can be later copied to a reduced size and used on our models.

A couple of closeup views from Boothbay Railway Village a few years ago that I thought might be of use in my modeling...George Dutka

This baggage sign although on a bit of an angle as it was up high on the wall could easily be printed up and used on a structure. It came off a Maine location. The baggage checks are kind of a neat thing to hang on an interior wall if you are detailing an O Scale or larger structures interior.

Sunday 10 October 2021

The Junction Transfer Yard

My junction transfer yard posed in front of my HO White River Division layout. For a time when the layout was first built the Summit scene was two-footer structures.

A look at another one of my HOn30" diorama. It was just on my workbench for a refresh...more on this one later...George Dutka   

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Turntable Diorama

I recently gave this diorama's scenery a refresh after about 13 years looking like this. For many years it sat  next to my work area. 

A look at my workbench a few years back with my HOn30" turntable diorama to the right side of the work area. Looks like I was between projects on that day...George Dutka