Friday 11 September 2015

SR&RL # 556

This photo did not have any remarks on the back.
Here we have another look at a SR&RL caboose from the same group of photos I purchased this spring from Mark Harris. This caboose was built by the Maine Central in 11/15/13, the same time as #558. #557 was built two months earlier. I updated the text to the interior caboose post if you want to check back one post..enjoy... George Dutka

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Inside View of a SR&RL Caboose

A look into the interior of SR&RL caboose #551 or 552. This is one of a group of B&W photos and postcards I purchased at this years Schomberg narrow gauge show from Mark Harris. Mark has done some extensive research regarding the Maine Two footer.
I just finished scanning some photos yesterday for Peter and did a couple for myself...thought I should keep the caboose theme going with this post. One can tell this is one of the center cupola caboose be the cupola chair. I would have thought there was one on each side, but I guess that was not the case. Forward are two windows per side, behind the chair is the sliding door followed by three more windows...George Dutka

Friday 4 September 2015

On30" Caboose - SR&RL #559

My On30" equipment is crossing the causeway on my HO scale White River Division...the equipment and scene seems to blend together well.
I purchase this Bachmann lettered and painted caboose at the 2010 Springfield show. Once home I took it apart to add a few passenger to the interior...but this project was not completed till Oct. 2012 according to my notes....not sure why.

 The entire caboose got a coating of Floquil flat finish. The roof when apart was painted Floquil grimy black. Once assembled I added a Conductor to the rear platform and dusted on a bit of chalk and Bragdon powders...George Dutka

The caboose came apart really easy. The passengers are added and one can see the interior lighting included with the model.

I put the roof back on to get a before and after view of the roofing...the grimy black finish on the view below shows the difference which I really like.
The finished model ready to roll on my On30" module. I am really happy with how this Bachmann model turned out.