Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas - Maine Style

Oh, Oh what's that...a load of bread from a Southern US food store chain showing up in Maine...will fill you in on that later.
Wishing all our blog followers a Merry Christmas...Peter and George.

Saturday 12 December 2015

Switch Stand at Sanders Flag Stop

One of my Alder switch stands is temporary placed next to the Sanders flag stop...until needed on the module...George Dutka

Friday 11 December 2015

Finishing up Sanders Flag Stop

The finished flag stop is ready to be added to a Gatorfoam base. I plan to take this display to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine this fall...if you are there check it out.
The Sanders flag stop is now finished. The walls first got a coating of Hunterline weathering mix followed by washes of Floquil coach green on the bottom and a mix of Floquil SP lettering gray, reefer white and dirty thinner on the upper walls. I do not have any Floquil reefer gray as my paint stock dwindles. The paints are put on more as a wash so the Hunterline stain shows through. The windows and door got a full coat of coach green.

The sign is 5mm Letra Set dry transfer lettering applied to a CN blue stock folder. I photocopied it reducing it down to 60%. Bragdon powders will be applied shortly to the walls to finish it off...George Dutka

The platform and roofing is Hunterline weathering mix followed by a wash of Floquil Grime, thinned. Some Bragdon powder is also applied once dry.

One can see through the paint colours making it look old. The weathering powder is yet to be added.

My Sanders sign is made from dry transfer lettering reduced on a photocopier.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Alder Models O scale Switchstands

The targets needed gluing on before painting. They will be grimy black shortly.
At a recent flea market I came across a package of O scale switch stands made by Alder Models. It was a package of 6 which I split with Peter for use on our module...never knew they made O scale stands, I use Alder HO scale stands on the White River Division. Although these stands are not Maine prototype, they are Canadian (CPR) they are very nicely detailed and will work for me...will show you them on the layout shortly...George Dutka

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Check out this Blog Post

A young Dwight Smith in 1940.
Today on the Maine On2 FAQ blog there was four photos posted taken by Dwight Smith in 1940 on the B&H Ry. I would never have recognized Dwight from the photos as I know Dwight from my days as editor of the CVRHS over a decade ago...check out the link below and the photos took all those years ago...George Dutka