Saturday 22 April 2023

Big and Little

Sept. 11, 2016
Here is a contrasting view I caught between a wee little narrow gauge engine with the supersize cruise ship which had docked in Portland Maine...George Dutka

Thursday 20 April 2023


My On30" milk car and waterfront scene were my two displays and entries to this years Ontario Narrow Gauge Show contest. 
I took some models to the Ontario Narrow Gauge Show for their modeling contest. I had not built anything new lately so it was something off my module and a combination of structures. No expectations of winning as in the past...models that I normally enter are highly detailed and normally O scale or larger. These were just there to help fill the contest table. To my surprise there was a lot of very nice models entered which would have been hard to beat anyhow. With Covid and the show not being held in 4 years the guys had lots of time to build models and they were good.

Anyhow I put together a waterfront scene which I made by pushing two FOS models together and adding a couple of boats. I think the two fit together well...I might work on these two becoming one in my new waterfront scene...George Dutka

By pushing two FOS waterfront buildings together I think I came up with a portion of my new module.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Ontario Narrow Gauge Show

Live steam getting ready for another run.
On Saturday I attended the Hamilton, Ont. Ontario Narrow Gauge Show with a display and mini clinic. It was at the historic Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. The location was really nice with an steam operating large scale layout inside and also outside. A great day for all that attended. More to come shortly...George Dutka

Paul Jenner was set up next to me with a really nice display of On30" Huntsville Railroading. More on his modeling coming up.

The tree guy also had a nice display at his vendors table.
That's my table. I had some structures, my HOn30 transfer yard and On30" equipment all resembling Maine railroading. I also was setup to do a mini tar paper roofing clinic.

Monday 10 April 2023

Narrow Gauge Wrecks

SR&RL #18 near Kingfield, Maine. George Melvin postcard view.

I scanned a group of wreck photos that I purchased from George Melvin a number of years ago. I thought I would share these views with you. Some I think may have been published before in books as they are postcard views...enjoy...George Dutka  

Sandy River second no2 is seen in the ditch near Philips, Maine 1903. From the collection of photos of George Melvin, postcard view.

Sandy River 1908 postcard view from the George Melvin collection.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Bob Boudreau?

 Does anyone have Bob Boudreau e-mail address...I want to contact him...cheers...George Dutka

FOS - Tiny Lou's Grill becomes Lobster Shack

The lobster shack signs are reduced photocopies, half size from decals I purchased from Dave's decals. The full size set I ordered were just too big...they will be used on another project. If I was smart I would have ordered an N scale set too if available.
I finished Tiny Lou's Grill as a lobster shack for a waterfront diorama I am working on. I want to finish most of the structures before I begin to lay it out. I will be posted a few other views of the shack on my other blog later this week so check those out too. Not sure if the trackage will be standard gauge or narrow gauge yet for the diorama...will see could be both...enjoy...George Dutka

I used two different tones of tarpaper roofing made from construction paper. The stack got some wire supports.

I used the Tiny Lou's Grill sign on the side of the building to add the original history of the structure. The pigeons are BEST. 

Monday 3 April 2023

Just the Basics - Shed

I decided to add a hint of the original coloring to this shed.
I recently completed this BEST models "Just the Basics" White Haven Shed that was located in Affton, Mo. It was done mainly with stains and washes. I decided to add a bit of a paint which would be left after years of wear. Just a hint of the original coloring. I did this with PanPastels and chalk. The window is colored with a new MIG paint color which was noted as the CNR shade of gold for the green and gold scheme. The color missed the mark but can be used on other items such as these windows More information about this build on my WRD blog...George Dutka 

The rear wall.