Sunday 28 April 2013

Scrapbook App

Blackberry Playbook Apps

I have not been using my Blackberry Playbook much but when I do I like to play around with the Scrapbook App.  Last week I took a photo with my Blackberry while putting away my On30" equipment for summer storage. My modelling season ends in April as I begin getting my sailboat back in shape for the season. I made it into a round the world type of a card, coffee stains and all. The postmark is the actual day I took the photo and made the card...kind of a neat way to display your models....George Dutka

Friday 26 April 2013

SR&RL Marbles Station Model - HO Scale

The HO scale Marbles station on Dave Frary's module on display at the 2012 Expo.
 BEST's  SR&RL Station Kit 
Rangely, Maine Waterfront Station

At the 2012 Model Railroad Expo held last October in Lancaster, Pa. there was a modular layout which included many sections built by the various vendors. One was done by Dave Frary including the station seen here. As usual Dave did a great job on the kit. It is BEST kit #1070. Check out their web site for a prototype photo. Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - Welcome! Happy modelling...George Dutka

Although the prototype station was located in Rangely, Maine on the SR&RL narrow gauge line it sure looks good to me next to a standard gauge double main line.

A look down the tracks at the station. Don't recall seeing a phone booth next to any narrow gauge stations but if you are running double track by one with a heavy passenger presence one would eventually turn up. I took these photos.

Saturday 20 April 2013

SR&RL Crossing the Causeway

On my White River Division I am about to take out my duck-under permanently. I decided to take a few narrow gauge photos on the causeway now that the HO scale details are removed. The O scale models actually look really good running on it. The HO scale buildings seen in the background and the boat on the waterway seem to fit in nicely. I may save this section to add as a curve and causeway on the W&Q Ry. modules if I can get it to align...stay tuned...George Dutka 

SR&RL #9 heads out onto the causeway which in the real world is a duck-under.

Thursday 11 April 2013

Narrow Gauge Place Setting

My unused Maine narrow gauge structures are used temporarily in a standard gauge role.
Maine Narrow Gauge Structures
on the White River Division
When I built my standard gauge White River Division I used structures that were on hand as temporary place setting at locations needing more than just a station sign. I had a few Maine narrow gauge structures from a long retired C&Q Ry. HOn30" module that could be used. I decided on two. A section house and covered water tower would fit well at Summit. Today both have been replaced on the WRD and are now being considered for another HOn30" diorama. Here are a few photos from when they were used on the White River Division....enjoy...George Dutka

Looking up the ROW toward Summit.
These two structures I built back in the early 1980's. The water tower is currently getting an upgrade...will post the new look once completed.

Saturday 6 April 2013

W & Q Section House

The upgraded section house is ready to be re-installed on the W&Q module.

Maine Two Foot Prototype Section House
 Upgrading my completed structure

On my On30" Wiscasset & Quebec module I have two structures. One is the freight house and the other a section house which emulates the style found on the SR&RL. I had built two others in HO scale in the past following Dave Frary's plans found in the April 1969, RMC.

All the sides are seen ready to be glued together. My structure is not an exact copy of Dave's RMC plans but resembles what he built in the article. I had to work with a size that would fit and look right on my module.

Ready for painting. Unfortunately I never took a photo of the building prior to the upgrade.
In 2010 I constructed an O scale version using Mt. Albert Scale Model 4.5" clapboard siding. I used Grandt Line 8 pane windows #3702 and a Grandt Line freight door #3618. The walls are painted Floquil concrete then given a coat of grime. The trim, door and windows are painted Floquil CNW green which received a coat of flat finish once finished. CNW paint has a gloss finish to it. The roof is a sheet of styrene covered with masking tape painted grimy black. The section house was glued in place on my W&Q module with a few added details piled beside the structure.

Structure Update
This past winter while I was completing my W&Q module, I had to make a decision about painting the freight house. I always thought the trim on the section house was too dark. I wanted to have the two structures painted similar. Peter Mumby was at the point that his station-yard office needed some paint also. I decided that the W&Q company trim colour would be changed to Floquil coach green.  At that point I decided to upgrade the section house also. Since I finished the structure I had done about a dozen other buildings. What I am finding is my structure models have really improved in the three years since I built this model. I also thought this would be an easy upgrade.

Some of the siding board are pulled up and the nail holes are added prior to adding the Hunterline weathering mix.
I began by brush painting all the trim, windows and door Floquil coach green. I went back over the siding adding nail holes with a pin and also lifting some of the boards. I then washed the walls with a coat of Hunterline weathering mix, followed by a dusting of  Bragdon gray and brown powders. The window frames also got a coating of powder. I pulled out the clear plastic window glazing and airbrushed it with Floquil flat finish. I wanted the windows to look dirty. The roof got a brushing of Bragdon soot mixed with a bit of dark rust. The structure looks great now. I am really glad I took the time to try some of my newer finishes and techniques...George Dutka