Wednesday 21 May 2014

W&Q Ry - Overall View

I have shown you many views of my On30 module over the past year but have yet to show you it overall. Here is a look of my 6 foot module that is now pretty close to being finished...George Dutka

Friday 9 May 2014

Turntable - Another Look

I thought I should take a photo which shows you what the strip-wood walkway looks like on the turntable. I just used what stripwood  I had on hand and weathered it up a bit...George Dutka

Friday 2 May 2014

W&Q Ry Turntable - O Scale

One of the elements of my On30" module is a turntable which is used to turn my Forney engine. I followed Dave Frary's example on his HOn30" C&DR Ry. but in a larger scale. I had an unused HO scale Altas bridge that seemed to fit my O scale Forney perfectly. This was a simple build. I used two aluminium tubes that fit inside each other for the pin. I ran two wires through and soldered them to the rail. Two T-bar and supports are glued near the centre and hand holds for the helper to push the thing around at the corners. The whole thing is painted grimy black with chalk weathering added. The last addition is strip wood walkways weathered and attached to the turntable and it is then good to go...George Dutka

The turntable has access on one end only. The rusty chalk weathering can be seen on this well used piece of RR necessity.
An overall view of my Forney on the turntable.