Monday 30 June 2014


Finally got around to posting my finished version of BarMills Models Hinkle's store. I will cover how the building went together shortly but thought I would give you a preview. It will be added to my W&Q Ry. module this fall....George Dutka

Thursday 12 June 2014

BEST O Scale Castings

While at the recent Collinsville Prototype Meet I came by some interesting casting at BEST Trains. They already  have a really nice collection of HO scale metal castings. Recently they have added some O scale casting to there inventory and if they do well others will be offered. Currently one can purchase flying seagulls, sitting seagulls, pigeons, hydrants, trash cans, ball signal balls, saw horses, mail box anvil, milk can and hand pump for wells. These are $9.95 per package and I don't believe they are listed on their web page yet....George Dutka

Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - Welcome!

Monday 9 June 2014

Caboose Hop

No freight today hope this does not become a trend.

Seems as a caboose hop has arrived at Quebec Jct....I think I see a few paying passenger in the caboose today...I hope this is an off day for freight as the price of coal just went up....George Dutka

What's in the Box No. 4

The kit is a nice wooden laser cut structure that includes some nice signs and awnings.
Bar Mills - Hinkle's Package Store
O Scale

Last fall I purchase this little kit for use on my O scale module. I plan to place it on the roadway across the track from the freight house. The structure can be used as any kind of store one can think of. It does have a bit of whimsical feel to may of Bar Mills kits have. This particular kit is named after Pat Hingle a huckster usually dressed all in white on the old Andy Griffith Show. The kit includes some nice details such as mailbox, garbage pails, fire hydrant, broom and a really cool soda sign.  The walls are laser cut wood and the signs are nicely printed in the instruction sheets. O scale newspapers are also included to throw around the sidewalk which is also included. The instructions I feel  are really well to get it built...stay tuned...George Dutka

A close up look at the detail package along with the laser cut door and windows. The details are seen on top of the roofing base.