Wednesday 14 October 2020

Bar Mills New Offering

Bar Mills has a new offering out this week. A REA express building in O scale. When I checked their website it is also offered in HO scale. I think this might be a great addition to my On30" modeling. If you order it directly from them they are throwing in Woodland Scenic figures package free as a bonus...George Dutka

Saturday 10 October 2020

SR&RL HOn30" Boxcar

This kit was my entrance into the world of HOn30"

I found these views in my files that I took of my first build in HOn30". I had ordered the car by mail sometime in the early 1980's. I got back into model railroading in December 1979 following the MR cover article of the C&DR Ry. Hard to believe that I entered modeling in a scale that one has to scratch-build or kit build. I think the car turned out well considering the era. About a year later I ordered Sloan brass etchings building a Forney. Not long after I did get into HO scale standard gauge joining a local modular railroad club....George Dutka

Sunday 4 October 2020

O Scale Moose

A view on my one foot wide diorama attached to my module. The moose that kind of makes the scene is a 3D printed model I picked up at the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine a few years back. It was an offering Gary of PLW.