Monday 26 September 2016

Maine Two Footer Markers

At the museum in Portland, Maine Don and I viewed the SR&RL parlor car. The display has markers that would not have been seen on the SR&RL back in the day. Probably added on at Edaville Ry or here at  the museum.
I sat in on a clinic given by Peter Barney on the operations of the SR&RL at this years NNGC. One point that caught my attention being a railroader is that all but the B&H Ry. did not use markers on the tail end of their trains. It was pointed out that these narrow gauge lines really did not run a lot of trains at any one time that would require meets or sections....George Dutka

Petticoat Junction - Water Tank

The Soggy Bottom and Deep Cut Railway, Navigation & Cartage Co. had a nice layout at this years NNGC. Don Janes covered it nicely on my White River Division on the sidebar. I thought I would show you a few close ups I took of the water tank. The tank was modeled as seen on the old TV series Petticoat Junction with the three girls swimming in the water tank. I asked where the girls came from. One of the members re-figured the girls from O and other scale models to represent the girls from the show...George Dutka

The three girls and their dog in the tank plus some neat looking towels hanging off the side.

The girls would not be having much fun in my Maine style tank that is fully enclosed, but with it being heated through the winter swimming in the snow could be interesting.

Monday 19 September 2016

Railfan Photo Evening - WW&F

The live steam mixed train operates along the WW&F main line. A few run-by's and staged scenes occurred at this location. As I took this photo the lead boxcar is being spotted at the crossing for loading.
On the Thursday Evening of this years NNGC a group of rail-buff's gathered for a ride and photo session on the WW&F at Alna, Maine. For $21 we had a really good time and some great photo opportunities. All was well organized with proper photo lines and staged scenes. Although overcast and getting near sunset it all worked out well...George Dutka

A little discussion between the crew before we left for Alna.

At Alna Center No. 9 gives us a great show of steam power.

The engine runs around the train for us. I took a step back to get a second shot which included many of the paying railfans.

The WW&F train crew staged this neat little loading scene at the Alna Center crossing for us. They started out with a different truck but it broke down so the backup made it's way down.

A little oiling while the rest of the crew talk over the rest of the evenings events.

I rode the last coach and got this shot as we departed about 7pm of the truck crossing behind us. The Alna Center platform is seen to the right.

Sunday 18 September 2016

NNGC 2016 - Update

If you had money to burn there was a lot of two footer brass to buy.
Here are a few more photos from Don Janes and my visit to Augusta, Maine for this years National Narrow Gauge Convention...enjoy...George

And the total count had 1357 narrow minded modelers attending this years event.

If you been to Schomberg Narrow gauge meet you have seen these Canadian modules. A good part of this room was from north of the border.
Maintenance of Way contest model.

I believe this contest entry won third place. I also entered this category with my SR&RL tool flat...but I had no where the details added to this model. All category's had high detail models entered. If you won your category your model truly deserved the award.

Looking around the vendors room.

BEST sold off their kit side of the business, keeping the details portion for now. Many of the remaining kits are 30% off.

Mount Blue kits on display.
Bob Bennett's O scale passenger car entry. A great little model.

A second look.

I really liked the weathering job on this boxcar also a contest entry.

A look down from above.

Portland Narrow Gauge Museum

The engineman awaits the rest of his crew...then it is down to the cruise ship's dock for passenger loading.
This visit to Portland had a cruise ship at port. This was a big boost for the Museum as they had a line of paying passenger waiting for a train ride. The track ends right at the entrance to the cruise ship docks entrance....Diesel power was being used on our visit...George Dutka

Saturday 17 September 2016

Re-purposed Narrow Gauge

At Portland Maine's Narrow Gauge Museum they re-purposed a Maine two footer for storage uses...might make a neat modeling project. Fall 2016

Wednesday 14 September 2016

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016

The WW&F Ry ran a railfan photo special on Thursday evening. Don and I took this in and was by far the best we saw even with the overcast conditions. This scene was after the freight delivery at a rural crossing. More on this to come.
This years National Narrow Gauge Convention was in Augusta, Maine. Don Janes and I took in as much as we could. There was a lot to do and by no way could one do it all. Here are a few photos from our trip with future posts on specific topics to follow...George Dutka

The old two foot railcar is seen running during our visit to the Boothbay museum. Unfortunate it made its last run here...we did not get a chance to ride it.

One of my favourite MAINE layouts was the Great Lakes group. A nice group of guys that explained how it all came member of the group cleaned up on the awards...never seen one guy win that much.

Another of the many modular layouts. There was three large rooms of layouts running with more outdoors.

Ontario modeler were seen in many location. The boys from the Schomberg show had a nice display. Some others had modules set up and running in other rooms.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Car Ferry Arriving

Wharf Street layout, Peter Mumby photo.
I really liked the car ferry which Peter and I saw on Art Fahie's Wharf Street layout. This ferry is a great model which is well detailed. I really like the smaller boats on display in the foreground. Peter did a good job capturing this area of the layout in this photo...thought I would share it with you...George Dutka

Sunday 4 September 2016

Off to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine

March 31 2016 at Portland, Maine. George Dutka photo
On Monday Don Janes and I are off to Augusta, Maine for this years NNGC...will fill you in shortly...George Dutka

Portland, Maine back in March Peter and I visited the museum even though it was closed we saw a lot.

Saturday 3 September 2016

Luggage for the W&Q RY.

Here are some Schomberg baggage that I found finished on-line.
Back this spring at our area narrow gauge show I picked up some O scale period luggage for my W&Q Ry. from Schomberg Scale Models. Here is what they carry...George Dutka

Here is the contents found in the package of luggage I purchased.