Monday 23 July 2018

A Look Inside my Shed

I took a couple of photographs of the interior of my little tool shop that views what I have added. I added a rear interior wall which is scribed wood weathered with Hunterline stains. I then added a few of my signs as decoration. Some license plates are also hung up. A FosScale models OPEN sign is hanging at the door...George Dutka

Sunday 15 July 2018

FOS Scale -Photograph

The new limited run block which includes a bus terminal in an old trolley barn is a new offering by FOS Scale Models. This is a really nice looking photo that is used for advertising the new kit.
Have you wondered how a Web page photo or advertising photo is done. Well here is how the most current offering by FOS Scale was done...George Dutka

Here is how the photo came to be...nothing like shooting in sunlight.

Thursday 12 July 2018

Some Additional Photos

This view give one a better look inside. I built a workbench from a casting with legs added. A motor and box are accented by some steel rods, wood blocking and old signs.
Here are a couple more views of my recent build...I need to take a photo of the interior with the structure removed...George Dutka

The Gatorfoam base was painted an acrylic gray which looks like concrete. Some lines are cut into the base as expansion joints. Ground foam and static grass are used around the walls. The stack has some wire supports applied.

Sunday 1 July 2018

A New Build - A Closer Look

The finished O scale shed ready for placement on a new module.
You have seen this structure in a couple of Wordless Wednesday's and a post a few months back. Using walls and boards from last years hands-on clinic at the Schomberg Show I came up with a neat little structure that will be used in my next On30" module. I did have to dig into my parts box for some roofing and wood supports. A extra piece of Gatorfoam became the base and my files had a lot of signs for the walls. The interior is also detailed from my parts box. The captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

This is the plaster casting and wood pieces we practiced our PanPastel colouring with. Once I got home I needed to figure out what to do with it all.

With a bit of cutting to one of the plaster casting and gluing the end walls worked out well. The scribed wood was cut for a rear wall and small piece of front wall. The door is also made from this stock. The strip was cut to finish off the front wall.
The walls are squared up and glued together. The roof boards are cut and glued from stock I had on hand.
An overhead view of the roof truss. The basic weathering is PanPastels but I added a coat of india ink-alcohol mix. Some Bragdon powders are added as soot and rust steaking.
The roof is a mix of leftover paper corrugated roofing left over from a few kits. This material is brush painted with Floquil rust. I also used some Minute Man roll roofing which is HO scale but still looks good on this O scale model. The roof is highlighted with Bragdon powders rust shades and soot. Some of the detail parts used are seen here. The stationary engine was planned for this scene but was not used due to lack of room.
Lots of details are added to the exterior and also inside the opened doorway. The hinges are from my parts box cut in half. I bent some wire door handles. Pieces of wood, wire and newspapers are scattered around the scene.
A styrene stack is added along with some added trash on the roof. Some holes are seen as the structure is kind of run down. Some signs are added to the walls and laying around the exterior.