Friday 17 July 2015

Leased Power on the W & Q

Here we see Barry's two pieces of "modern" power.  #4 is a modified Bachmann gas/mechanical unit.  #7 features a kit-built body on the mechanism of a Bachmann HO 44-ton loco.

Images and Text by Peter Mumby
My friend Barry Storey stopped by recently to check out the W & Q module.  It seems that Barry's collection of G, O standard gauge, HO, N, and Z models has recently been supplemented with a group of On30 pieces.  We were able to pose some of these units in the yard at Quebec Junction.  Barry kit bashed and detailed the internal combustion power himself; the steamers came from the Bruce  Peachey collection  when Bruce was in the process of retiring his On30 layout.

We caught a close-up of #4 near the Quebec Junction station.

A pair of these 18' Bachmann boxcars showed up with the locomotives - they probably carried enough spare parts to ensure the safe return of the units to home rails!

This Climax is another Bachmann model.

Steamer #67 is a modified Bachmann Forney with an added tender.

Monday 13 July 2015

RPM Meet Collinsville, Ct.

I was asked about details regarding the RPM meet in Collinsville, Ct. It is held the last weekend of May and details can be found on their website which will have lots of details for next years meet early next below...George Dutka

New England/Northeast

Tuesday 7 July 2015

S Scale Narrow Gauge Models - RPM Meet Collinsville, Ct.

A look at two S scale flat cars. The car on the left if a Westside Lumber Co. 3 foot gauge model. The car on the right is a WW&F 2 foot model.
Maine Narrow Gauge in S Scale
This group of photos I took are of models that  Dave Davies displayed of his work at this years RPM Meet in Collinsville, Ct. The models are S scale with most of the focus on Maine two foot gauge...enjoy...George Dutka

An overhead view of Dave Davies Mount Blue Model Co. under construction boxcar models...all S scale.

A Mount Blue Model Co. WW&F 28 foot boxcar kit well under way.

A closer look at Dave's kit-bashed version of a seven stake WW&F flat car.