Friday 19 July 2019

SR&RL freight on the move.

This is a scene I always though of modeling. Once again another photo I purchased sometime ago with no date. I really like the looks of this bridge which was modeled on the C&DR years ago. Plans were also included in an old article which I have set aside. The train appears to be a good size and full of boxcars, no pulpwood cars this time.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

SR&RL Group Photo

SR&RL engine number 24 is seen in this posed photograph.
The gang is all together in this photo that did not have any details marked on it. If you want to model you head end crew in the cooler months here is a good look at what they once wore...George Dutka

Monday 15 July 2019

FOS Fresh Fish House

An overall look at how the structure looks. Now to get the scene built that will house it.
The model is done and here are a few additional views for you to enjoy...George Dutka

I modeled my fresh fish structure with all the doors open. This required a bit of flooring to be added to these areas. Note how the door has been weathered. The white and green gunge has been sponged onto the door. The sign also go some acrylic rust. The ladder is a Railroad KITS free offering at a past Expo.