Friday 26 November 2021

SR&RL Tool Shed

Not an exact copy but similar.

Using 1960's plans from RMC I came up with my own version using leftovers in HO scale 20 plus years ago...George Dutka

Saturday 13 November 2021

Bridgton Junction, Maine

Maine 2-Footer Quarterly, Winter 1999 has a nice article on building the station with plans included. The article was by Al Churella.

Recently I was asked about the junction location of the B&H Ry. I had to dig deep to find much regarding that area of the Maine two-footer. I thought there was a lot more. I took a few overview photos to give one the general idea what was offered in the issues. This I hope will make a good start for those wishing to track down material of Bridgton Junction.

If one has other information regarding this junction location, I would love to hear from you...George Dutka

One can see the plans included in the Maine 2-Foot Quarterly winter 1999 issue. I am not sure if there are back issues but one could contact the publisher.

Short and Narrow Rails issue number 12 has photos and plans for the Bridgton Junction coal shed which had dual gauge trackage. There also is a track plan of the yard included in the issue. I would think this issue might be hard to track down, but not impossible.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

The Tree Guy - Trees

Three of Wayne's trees. They come in various sizes. He also makes stumps which can be handy, these are O scale.

You saw Wayne's stumps and tree trunks in my last post. Here are some views of other products Wayne offers that I think works great on a diorama, module or layout...George Dutka

Sunday 7 November 2021

Stumps and Logs - O Scale

I really like how these two look...very realistic. They are made by Wayne Wessner. His business is called the Tree Guy.

A couple of months ago at our local NMRA tail gate meet I picked up some neat looking stumps and trunks for my O scale diorama. The fallen tree trunk has some of it drilled out and the mushrooms are card-stock painted to reflect what one would find on a trunk. I have a few of his trees to show you shortly.

 If interested in these type of products Wayne can be contacted at Dutka