Wednesday 26 October 2022

WW&F No. 6

WW&F engine no. 6 in 1934 is seen beginning to be covered by snow at Wiscasset, Maine. Its working days are now over. Note the bell has been removed at this point. George Melvin collection.

This view is also from the George Melvin collection. I gave you the data above found on the rear of the photo...George Dutka 

Monday 10 October 2022

Top of the grade!

The Notch or the top of the grade on the B&SR during 1895. That is engine #2 heading the train. George Melvin collection. Information from back of photo.
Another view from the George Melvin collection that I have on file. I spent an hour doing some family photo scans the other day and decided to include a few railroad prints into the mix. Still have a few more to share with you...George Dutka  

Sunday 2 October 2022

Engine House Fire

The fire at the Philips engine house in 1923. One can see the smoke as the fire is not totally out yet. That is engine #6 on the right and #17 next to it in the engine house. George Melvin collection. Information was taken from back of the print.

A photo from the George Melvin collection that I purchased at an RPM meet a few years back. Sorry about the lack of posts as not a lot of modeling has been happening the last 8-9 months. We have a lot of family health issue we are dealing with that don't seem to end. Will post as I find the time and when I have content that might be of interest...cheers...George Dutka