Sunday 13 December 2020

Stone Structure is Completed

The stone structures windows are not that great looking. I decided to board up one...the bad one.

It did not take me long to enhance the look of this nice little stone building. I had planned on using it maybe in a HOn30" diorama but most structures along the ROW I believe were wood. I am going to use this building as a Christmas present to a modeling friend...George Dutka 

Some barrels, boards, signs and newspapers are out front. I added three different styles of weeds around the building.

The back wall got a Superior Propane metal sign which is rusted up a bit. I am thinking he may use it at his dealers location.

Sunday 6 December 2020

Stone Shed Roofing


The walls are coated in India ink-alcohol mix then sponged with white acrylic paint. AK slimy grime dark is sponged on the lower area. More to come shortly.

I was working on the roofing this weekend for this structures clean-up. I gave the shingles a coat of india ink -alcohol mix. I randomly painted some shingles black and others gray. For the gray I just mixed a bit of the black and white in the paint tray. They really stand out at the moment but all will be well shortly when PanPastels are applied. The door and window frames are painted acrylic cinnamon brown...George Dutka

Friday 4 December 2020

Stone Shed

The bones of the structure is good but I want to redo the look of the stone and roofing.
A little while back I got a small box of maintenance away structures. This stone structure was included. I was thinking of using it in a small HOn30" diorama. Of course a themed  two footer line...more on this later next week...George Dutka

The stone walls are hydrocal.

This building is a tiny structure that could fit in well with narrow gauge trains. I am not sure the company that offered it.