Friday 28 June 2019

Carrabassett Station

End view of the SR&RL station.
Interesting to see how the lower boards are weathered and worn. Maybe something to master for our models...George Dutka

A close-up view of the end sign...the best I could get it.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Schomberg Ramp - Part Two

The FOS crates are added to the scene. The sack, barrel and box are cast plaster casting from Schomberg Scale Models. To the lower stones and a couple of flat surface areas I randomly sponged on a coat of AK slimy grime dark which is a gungy green. I also applied some into the cracks and seams with a fine brush.
A few more views of the finished ramp ready to go once my bench work goes up next fall...George Dutka

Some boards are scattered around along with Bar Mills newspapers. Static grass, some ground foam and Scenic Express weeds are also applied.
The dirt is actually cast into the plaster casting. I just added india ink-alcohol mix to the ground and very lightly highlighted it with the Hunterline concrete colouring.

Friday 7 June 2019

Schomberg Loading Ramp

My finished O scale loading ramp.
Christopher of Schomberg Scale Models was clearing out some of his stock and was offering this nice looking hydrocal casting of ramp. More on this ramp in a second post...George Dutka

The casting as it looked when I got home.
The other side.
I gave the whole casting a coat of india ink and alcohol followed by Hunterline weathering mix cement sponged on the stone face.
A second coat of india ink mix was put on the gravel and dirt section. I applied some ground foam and weeds along the edges and static grass in other areas.