Monday 24 July 2023

Mt Albert Scale Lumber Co.

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Co. had a nice selection of bundled stripwood at the Ontario Narrow Gauge show this spring.
If you see Mt. Albert at a show you might want to check out if they brought any bundles of stripwood. These bundles are a great way to pick up bracing, trim pieces and so on. I have two bundles which both have different sized lumber that I use all the time. These bundles are off-cuts and seconds which are a great value...George Dutka

Sunday 23 July 2023

Bridgton, Maine - A New Diner in Town

This combine was sold in May 1937 and became a diner.
I was flipping through my Bob Jones book about the B&SR Ry. the other day. I came across this photo of a diner made from an old narrow gauge coach. I thought this could make a great modeling project. If one has a part coach or one that is damaged and may not get onto the layout again it could be turned into an interesting diner. Peter Mumby had one damaged in On30" that I tried to sell for him at a couple of shows. I might just get this one from him for such a project...George Dutka  

This was B&H combine no. 25 which was moved to Upper Depot Street in Bridgton, Maine. Peter Cornwall Photos.

Saturday 22 July 2023

FOS - Hooper's

FOS display scene up in Maine during the narrow gauge convention.
I took this photo back in 2016 and I think it was at the Maine convention. I actually purchased this structure in HO scale...need to get working on building it. I now realize I have had the kit for 7 years. I hate to think how long I have had some of my others...George Dutka

Wednesday 12 July 2023

BarMills - Lighthouse

I have to get back to planning my waterfront scene. Not sure if it will have narrow gauge on it, but it might be a nice choice to backdate it a bit to the 1930's.
The construction of the BarMills lighthouse was pretty easy to complete. As mentioned early I need to add some trim to the roof. The jewel used as the light when set in the housing sat to low. Having a hole through the center (it is a necklace jewel) I used an old mico brush, cutting it to length that would work when I placed the jewel on. I painted the brush black and used Walthers goo to attach it to the base...George Dutka   

I added a life jacket and oars to the boats interior. There is also a rope tied to the bow which is a fine piece of sting.

Another angle of the row boat.

Thursday 6 July 2023

A bit about My Book!

My narrow gauge tool-storage shed was covered in two chapters for different reasons.
Don't know if you read RMC but I currently write the column Craftsman Workshop and I also had a book released in January 2023 through White River Productions. I am covering a bit about how it came about and some unused photos in my White River Division blog (link on the sidebar). I thought I would cover a bit that pertained to narrow gauge modeling here. I was able to squeeze in a bit of my narrow gauge modeling in my book.

My narrow gauge tool-storage car was actually covered in two chapters for different reasons. First it is found in "Repurposed Boxcars" Chapter 5 and again in Chapter 9 "Weathering Wood". The weathering wood article was enlarged a bit by using more photos I had included in the original RMC Craftsman Workshop. Originally when I wrote the article I had thought it might have been a feature due to the length. It was reduced to fit the 5 page layout (with ads) for Workshop. I used the leftover text with a group of new photos in a CARM article some months later. So all was well. I thought they may expand that chapter with the additional text but I am assuming page count is always an issue.

Chapter 10  "Build Small Dioramas included my narrow gauge transfer yard. I had used my HOn30" modeling structures and equipment to build a few small dioramas. I did not want to part with my equipment so this was a good way to display what I had built almost 40 years ago...George Dutka

I had built a Maine freight house that looks worse for wear. This was not included in the weathered wood chapter.

I also included my O scale FOS gas station. It has a lot of weathered wood.
An overhead view of the transfer yard diorama. This one was actually used in the book but gives one a great view of what I built.