Saturday 28 December 2013

What`s in the box - No. 2

The Maine water tank has many great looking parts.
Portland Locomotive Works -White Birch Tank

I picked up my O scale version at Expo 2013 in Pittsfield this year. The kit has a good number of cleanly cut parts. The siding looks really nice also. I normally don't use the shingles supplied with most kits but these look really good and will use. Once I took the photo above I decided to put together the sub-assembly. This process went together very well and I was done in less than an hour. I used "Canopy Glue" for this process which dries quickly and has some flexibility. My kit did not have any instructions or plans but I did have a copy of the Maine Two Foot Digest, Summer 2013, that had a great review of the kit. That is really all I needed anyway. It appears to be a simple structure to build and a possibly great kit for a beginner to start with.

A little bit of history...the prototype tank was located on the SR&RL between Carrabasset and Kingfield Maine at White Birch Cut...George Dutka

The basic framing of the water tank went together very well and quickly. This is less than an hour into the project. I waited a day before taking the bands off and gluing on the siding. I used Walther Goo for attaching the siding which fit extremely well. To this point I am really impressed with the kit. I used the kit's review seen in the background as a guide to this project.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to all and more Narrow Gauge modeling in the New Year....George Dutka

Saturday 21 December 2013

Gilmore Fuels

Full Steam Ahead Kit - Gilmore Fuels
I posted my finished model and how I built Gilmore Fuels on my blog White River Division. Since I am thinking of using the fuel station on one of my Hon30 modules I thought I would mention it also on this blog. The kit is a 1940's style gas station that could be updated by the use of more modern fuel pumps and signs, but I really liked the 1940's looks of the kit....enjoy....George Dutka.
The station walls painted and roof under construction.
The finished model. I did add a smoke stack since my model will be in cooler climates.
The coke cooler does not come with the kit but all else does. It is a BEST Models detail part.

Friday 20 December 2013

HOn30 Forney

Sandy River No. 5 looks at home with its crew hard at work. A N-scale Bachmann dockside was the driving force of this engine for many years.

I built this tiny little engine back in the 1980`s using a N-scale Bachmann dockside plus a set of Sloan brass etchings. There are numerous detailed parts that I also added that I don`t recall were I obtained them from. This engine spent most of the past two decades in a box. Now out of the box I was not surprised that it does not was running rough when I put it away many years ago. Instead of getting rid of it I decided to give it an update a few years ago and use it as a static display on my work bench. I added two figures to the cab and touched up the paint were missing. I then decided to give the whole engine a light overcoat of Floquil grimy black. The tiny Forney also got some chalk weathering. These two photos of the engine I took yesterday as I sat at my workbench enjoying a moment between projects. Although it will never run again, it still looks great sitting on my diorama and I can now enjoy it as it currently if still in service...George Dutka

My little engine is being turned on a small diorama that sits to the left of my workspace on my workbench. It got a cosmetic update a few years back that keeps it current.

Saturday 14 December 2013

Barn Model

The roofing effects are what attracted me to this model.
One of the contest models that impressed me at this years Expo was a simple barn. If you follow my White River Division blog you might have guessed I like the looks of barns on layouts. There is nothing overly special about the barn other than the degree of skill in construction and weathering of the model. I love the looks of this is so well worn....George Dutka

The addition of signs add a lot of character to the finished model.
Just a great overall weathering job.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Coastal Views

This is a great looking diorama that needs a narrow gauge train in it.

These are a few photos I took of contest models at this years November Structures Expo in Pittsfield, Mass. They depict seacoast elements that I thought looked good which could fit in well with those of us that are narrow minded...George Dutka

Another one of the coastal diorama contestants.
All of us that attended the Expo did have a chance to vote on our was tough to choose.

Friday 29 November 2013

Bridgton, Maine - Baggage Tag

Found one more baggage tag in my files...thought I would share it with you...George Dutka

Saturday 23 November 2013

Out of Storage

The plastic cover has been removed from the box that houses my turntable during the off season. A post relating to building this diorama can be found on Aug 2, 2013.
I began unpacking my HOn30" diorama's during the last week of October. Here is a view of my turntable which normally is seen set on my workbench about to come out of my storage box. As I am not home most of the boating season I don't like to leave my rolling stock and displays sitting around collecting dust or near the hands of my grandchildren during the time I am away.....George

Thursday 21 November 2013

Bar Mills Hinkle's Package Store in O scale

I purchsed Hinkle's at this years Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo held in Pittsfield, Mass.
As mentioned earlier, I once again attended the Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo this November. For my On30 W&Q Ry. module I purchased from Bar Mills a small store which will be added near my freight shed...I just could not resist this one...George Dutka

Saturday 16 November 2013

Portland Locomotive Works - Expo 2013

I purchased the White Birch water tower seen here in HO and O scale.

I visited Portland Locomotive Works at last weekend's Fine Scale Model Railroad Expo to purchase the White Birch water tank kit. They also had a nice group of kits available to view and purchase. I picked up the current issue of the Maine Two Foot Digest which has a review of the water to his website it below...George Dutka

 Portland Locomotive Works

An overall view of Portland Locomotive Works display.
Portland Locomotive Works had kits for sale in both HO and O scales.

Friday 8 November 2013

My WW&F Milk Car

My finished Hood milk car is ready for service on the C&Q Ry.
Hood's on the C&Q Ry.

I decided to turn one of my 1980's vintage HOn30" boxcars into a milk car. I also wanted to use my Hood's placards on this car. Since the WW&F did have a milk car I decided to use my red WW&F Ry. boxcar for this project. It was a simple upgrade. I just added a stack to the roof, and the two placards to the side.

I had already photocopied a few logo's, reducing the crest size a bit before starting this project. These I cut out of the sheet and sanded the back a bit so they would be thinner. I ran a pencil along the edge so the white cut mark would not stand out too much. I used Walthers Goo to attach my placard and off to the creamery it goes....George Dutka.

This car I scratch-built back in the early 1980's in my early modelling years. I did not have much to work with but I think it turned out well. Looking back it is hard to believe some of my early modelling projects are actually scratch-built models instead of just putting together Athearn blue box kits which was common at the time.

Friday 1 November 2013

C&Q Transfer Yard

An overhead view of the C&Q Ry. transfer yard. The short piece of track to the left is the main line.
A glimpse inside the C&Q Ry. HO scale transfer yard diorama

The C&Q transfer yard is one of the small HOn30 dioramas I currently use to display my models through my modeller's season. It is a small diorama which has one standard gauge and one narrow gauge track in the yard. The front of the scene is bordered by the main line trackage. The base is made from homesote. As mentioned before I now use Gatorfoam for bases. I hand laid the narrow gauge track but the standard gauge track at the rear of the diorama is flex track. I used fine limestone screenings for ballast for narrow gauge tack and cinders for the standard guage siding. The diorama measures ten inches by sixteen.

The yard is pretty much full at the moment...not sure why the transfer Foreman is sitting down. The layout used for the background is my White River Division standard gauge operation.

I built a small loading platform, a roadway into the yard area, and placed one of my Maine two foot boxcars  in place as a shed. The wheels are removed and set away for another project. The rest of the scene if full of small details that might be found around such an area. The diorama scenery was done using the water soluble style....paint, glue and shades of Woodland ground foams. I also planted a small tree behind the boxcar. Some real dirt and limestone screening is used for the roadway area. This module is a great place to display my narrow and standard gauge equipment...George Dutka

The Junction yard on the C&Q is quiet today with only the Hood's milk car waiting to be lifted.
During the summer months while I am the lake I box my HOn30 modules and cover them with a plastic bag. This keeps the dust off. I leave my rolling stock in the box also, so I can find it the next season. The boxes are stacked under my HO scale White River Division layout.

Friday 25 October 2013

Covered Water Tank Kit

The Portland Locomotive Works covered water tank model in O scale seen at last years Model Railroad Expo. I believe this model was not released at that time...guess it is a kit  prototype model on display when I took the photo.
 A new O scale model for the W&Q Ry.

I am planning on adding a covered water tower to my W&Q Ry. module this winter. Portland Locomotive Works has such a model available now and I am hoping to pick one up this year at the Model Railroad Expo being held in Massachusetts in a few weeks...will cover this kit when I get back...George Dutka

Friday 18 October 2013

Frt. House Chimney installed

My new Schomberg Scale Models chimney has been painted and installed on the O scale Quebec Jct. freight house. The barrels and feed bags are also details purchased from Schomberg.
I was glad to have tracked down a chimney on the internet that would look good on my freight house. Since I was ordering a chimney I decided to add on a few other items of interest to my order. The chimney and details have now been added to my O scale frt. house. The chimney was first painted with Floquil Grime. Once dry I just used various colours of Bragdon weathering powders to give it an old red colour. The two barrels, the crate on the dock and three feed bags are all from the same company. These items add greatly to the overall look...George Dutka

 Schomberg Scale Models

My new details added to the freight house.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Narrow Gauge Interchanging

Trevor Marshall passed along the following Maine two foot interchange details...thanks Trevor...George Dutka.

" Hi George: Great looking section house! To answer your question, the Monson RR connected with the Bangor & Aroostook. The SR&RL, the B&SR, and the WW&F connected with the MEC. The Kennebec Central had no direct connection with a standard gauge road. "

Friday 11 October 2013

MEC Interchange - Section House

This is a great little model that takes no room at all on any layout. Mine will be added to my HOn30 C&Q Ry. interchange.

Adding a section house to your interchange

All the Maine two footers interchanged with the MEC I believe. I build a MEC section house a couple of years ago and now plan to add it to my HOn30" C&Q Ry. - MEC interchange yard. Creative Laser Design offers this structure which is an easy build. I purchased the kit at the 2011 Model Railroad Expo held in Peabody, Mass. I have done a write up on how the construction of my kit went on my White River Division blog. There is a link below to the site if you want a better look at it...George Dutka

 White River Division

The interior of this structure can be seen next to the section house. Additional photos can be found on my White River Division blog.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Sandy River Baggage Tag

I don't recall were I got this photo of a Maine narrow gauge baggage tag...I am thinking it was part of my friend's the late Jim McFarlane collection that was sold a few years back....George Dutka

Saturday 5 October 2013

Adding Evergreen Trees to the W&Q Ry.

There are three style of dollar store Christmas trees seen in this photo.
I have spent an afternoon planting trees on my On30`W&Q Ry. module last week. I did already have a few trees already scattered around the backdrop, but there needs to be a lot more. My tree planting this fall came about when I found a bag of large evergreens that I purchased a few years ago at a dollar store. These trees are actually Christmas trees intended to be used in Xmas displays. You only find them available during the holiday season.

Here we see one of the trees in the package and one out still wearing its Christmas balls. Note the tree in the package has snow frosting that is easily covered by the spray paint. The larger trees are a dollar each while smaller trees are packaged in two`s for the same price.
 The process is simple. I begin by picking off the Christmas balls from the trees then I spray bomb green one tree at a time. I use any green paint that is available to me. After spraying each tree I shake some Woodland ground foam on. Once again any shade of green I have available will do. I prefer the darker greens for both the paint and ground foam. I leave the wooden stand on while working on the trees as it is easy to handle that way. I cut them off once dry with snips. I use pop can cardboard trays to catch the paint as I paint and a second to catch the ground foam as it is poured over the trees. The foam is reused till used up. Planting the trees takes no time at all once dry the next day. Keep an eye open at the dollar stores this holiday season and you might find some interesting backdrop trees for your own layout....George

I used a few of my trees as foreground models.
The two larger trees are both dollar store finds. The smaller evergreens to the left are N scale models that got the same treatment and look fine mixed in with the larger trees near the background.
Here we see a few different dollar store trees. The smaller one at right came two to a package. If you look closely the green ground foam does vary from application to application.

Saturday 28 September 2013

A Second Look - HOn30 Diorama

I found I still had a few other views that I decided to share with you of the HOn30 diorama seen in my last post, enjoy...George Dutka

Monday 23 September 2013

HOn30 Diorama - Last Years Model Railroad Expo

The following photos I took at last year's Model Railroad Expo in Lancaster, Pa. This mill scene including a HOn30 pulpwood car is a nice compact scene...George Dutka

An overhead view of the mill scene.
The scene was loaded with details.

Friday 20 September 2013

Another Selection of Maine Plates

I found I still had another group of Maine 1940's license plates...hope these help with detailing your vehicles....George Dutka