Monday 28 October 2019

FOS Free Kit

I am almost finished my FOS free kit from September. One purchase $50 when special deal is on and one gets a free kit. There is no plans included just a photo and the parts. For this one Doug acually posted three more under construction photos that really helped on the FOS Facebook page. My model still needs a couple of sailors or tatoo guys since it will be along the waterfront...George Dutka

Some BEST pigeons and TIchy barrels are also added.
A BEST scruffy looking cat is at the back door and the garbage can appears full.

Friday 18 October 2019

O Scale Shed

My new shed is ready to be added to my On30" module.
A look at an O scale shed I updated back in the spring...more on it shortly...George Dutka

What the shed looked like when I brought it home from the Woodstock train show back in the spring.