Saturday 28 September 2013

A Second Look - HOn30 Diorama

I found I still had a few other views that I decided to share with you of the HOn30 diorama seen in my last post, enjoy...George Dutka

Monday 23 September 2013

HOn30 Diorama - Last Years Model Railroad Expo

The following photos I took at last year's Model Railroad Expo in Lancaster, Pa. This mill scene including a HOn30 pulpwood car is a nice compact scene...George Dutka

An overhead view of the mill scene.
The scene was loaded with details.

Friday 20 September 2013

Another Selection of Maine Plates

I found I still had another group of Maine 1940's license plates...hope these help with detailing your vehicles....George Dutka

Saturday 14 September 2013

What's in the box No. 1

This is what I got for just over $10 last fall.
A year ago I stopped in Niagara Central Hobbies in St. Catherine's, Ont. They were clearing out various kits new and used. I was able to pick up two Sandy River Car Shops On2 flat car kits. The two cars cost me just over $10...a deal for sure considering they asked almost $30 originally. They are both partly built, but none of the additional detail parts are included to finish the kits. I am currently scrounging up the bits and pieces needed to complete the project...stay tuned...George Dutka

Friday 13 September 2013

Schomberg O Scale Detail Parts

The casting at the rear have been painted and coloured while the foreground castings are as delivered. Note the two chimney's. One is seen in white resin while the other has got a prime coat of Floquil grime. The barrels have been given a coat of Bragdon powders. The sacks in the background are dry-brushed reefer white, then coloured lightly with a Bragdon powder.
I recently ordered a few detailed O scale parts from Schomberg Scale Models. I needed a chimney for my freight house and a few more barrels and sacks for on the platform. The parts are cast resin. They came very clean, or not needing any trimming. The chimney needs to be cut on an angle to follow my structures roof line. The casting cut very nicely with my razor saw. All the parts are first airbrushed with Floquil Gime. The sacks are then dry-brushed with Floquil reefer white. I then used Bragdon weathering chalks for final might want to check out Schomberg's website...George

Schomberg Scale Models

Two of the barrels and sacks are seen in this view. The sacks are dry-brushed Floquil  reefer white then powder was added. The barrels are just covered with Bragdon powders over Floquil grime. The box next to the barrel on the platform is also from Schomberg. I have used the smaller sized ones on my HO scale layout as a load on a flats and in a boxcars. The smaller box can be seen inside the door in the top photo.

Thursday 12 September 2013

SR&RL Plans

I purchased two SR&RL  flat car kits some time ago that had been started in On2. Included are plans for the flat cars plus this bonus set of plans for a boxcar. Although there was no boxcar parts, it was nice to get the plans included in my kit...George

Friday 6 September 2013

Early Era Maine Plates

If one models vehicles on a layout, a proper plate maybe required. I posted one example earlier on my blog and another in my last Wordless Wednesday. Here are a few extra examples that could be printed out in the size one models and apply to a era vehicle. The bottom group has a link to the website if you need another state...George Dutka