Friday, 15 October 2021


Taking a close-up view of a license plate can be later copied to a reduced size and used on our models.

A couple of closeup views from Boothbay Railway Village a few years ago that I thought might be of use in my modeling...George Dutka

This baggage sign although on a bit of an angle as it was up high on the wall could easily be printed up and used on a structure. It came off a Maine location. The baggage checks are kind of a neat thing to hang on an interior wall if you are detailing an O Scale or larger structures interior.

Sunday, 10 October 2021

The Junction Transfer Yard

My junction transfer yard posed in front of my HO White River Division layout. For a time when the layout was first built the Summit scene was two-footer structures.

A look at another one of my HOn30" diorama. It was just on my workbench for a refresh...more on this one later...George Dutka   

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Turntable Diorama

I recently gave this diorama's scenery a refresh after about 13 years looking like this. For many years it sat  next to my work area. 

A look at my workbench a few years back with my HOn30" turntable diorama to the right side of the work area. Looks like I was between projects on that day...George Dutka

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Mt. Blue Kit

On the weekend I got this email from Robert Bennett...enjoy...George Dutka
I just got back from riding 14miles on my bike. The massive rain we had last night has turned into a beautiful afternoon- typical Maine Autumn. Pedaling along and seeing the great scenery , light and colors made me think of some of the best, and most "Mainish", photos I've ever taken. I am attaching a couple. The model was a Mt. Blue kit and set on a base that now is in place on my layout. The afternoon was just like today's and provided perfect background and lighting. The pics were taken very near the old WW&F ROW in Weeks Mills...Bob 


Thursday, 16 September 2021

SR&RL Sanders

Bob Bennett's O scale Sanders scene. Bob Bennett photo

Bob Bennett passed along the following comment to me following the RMC Sanders station article, thanks Bob...George Dutka

"I just read your article in the latest RMC on the SR&RL Sanders station kit-build; nicely done. I thought I'd share a photo of my O scale version. I scratch-built this model using some old PBL styrene shingle sheet. It was supposed to be S scale but seemed right for 1/48 as well. I only had enough for the front and two ends so the back wall, unseen on my layout, is Evergreen B&B siding. The windows are some S scale Grandt parts that match Wes Ewell's plans perfectly. The photo shows the flagstop on a short base that I have used to stage model photos forever. The Sanders tank is also scratchbuilt. I switch these two facilities in and out on my layout with four or five other "pairs." This and other station models appeared in the 2014 On30 Annual.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021



B&SR papers and tickets...not that clear but neat to see anyhow...George Dutka

Sunday, 5 September 2021

SR&RL Tool Car

A look down into my SR&RL wooden flat car kit that I built as a tool car. I purchase this kit second hand. The kit did not have any decals so I used Mount Blue Model Co. decals. I added a good amount of detailing too...George Dutka