Sunday 27 April 2014

Wooden Skids - Osborn Models

Both the HO and O scale skids are seen here. Mine have the loads on them. I thought they looked very realistic.
Peter Mumby and I purchases two packages of Osborn Models wooden skids at the last train show I attended with him. One is O scale (which is not available any more but can be found from time to time) and a HO scale version. We decided to split them up and built some for both scales. On our last work session for this season Peter and I finished the day by trying our hand at two wooden skids. We built one of each scale. When finished they looked very realistic...more so then the resin and metal types I typically purchase. The HO scale skid looked good without any finishes applied but the O scale skid did need some stain and weathering.  Once we figured out what we where doing the skids went together very easy. The instruction sheet was not that easy to digest for two old guys like us. On the O scale model we distressed the wood a bit. We then used some Hunterline stain on both scale models followed by some PanPals and Bragdon Powders. I liked what the powders did to the skids in HO and the PanPals worked great in O scale...George Dutka

O scale skids
All that is include in the kits for both scales. Peter and I built two skids each. This project took about 20 minutes including staining and weathering. Now that we know how they go together we should be able to build them much quicker...if we don't forget by the fall.

Friday 25 April 2014

Licence Plate Added

Plate is now added. The building in the background is my current project...Bar Mills Hinkle's Packing House. I think it will be located near the frt. house.
I finally got a plate attached to my pickup truck. I used a Maine 1942 version which was black and white. It maybe a tad bit bigger than it should be but I wanted to be able to read it. Think all is legal now...George Dutka

Friday 18 April 2014

Comparing an Athearn to Berkshire Truck

As I now have two O scale trucks on my layout I noticed a size difference. Peter also mentioned this as they both appear to be the same vintage, 1934 Ford trucks. The Athearn model seems a bit smaller in size. I am not sure why. I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has noted the same difference....George Dutka

Thursday 17 April 2014

Berkshire Valley Inc. - 1934 Pickup Truck

Building an O Scale Truck
What's in the Box No. 3 gave one a view of what is included with this nice truck kit. I used Walthers Goo to attach most of the parts once filed and cleaned. I did have to do some extensive trimming to the axles so the wheels would fit under the fenders. I painted all the parts Floquil Brunswick Green (which is almost black). The headlights, grill, bumper and gas cap are painted Floquil old silver by brush. I dabbed some signal red on the tail light and stick shift ball. I was going to paint the truck two tone as seen on the box but decided to use Bragdon weathering powder for the coloured areas. I went with Antique Iron brushed on the cab which gave it a nicely weathered look. I also covered the rims with the same powder. The frame, tires and truck bed got a coating of my black soot powder. This project was a nice change from my other winter model projects and surprisingly not at all difficult to build...George Dutka

The old pickup is being put to work...seems an arriving boxcar  load of local freight needs delivery.
The truck is ready to roll other than I still need to find a plate to make things legal.

Monday 7 April 2014

Portland Locomotive Works - Constructing a Water Tank

The tank is ready to be added to my module.
SR&RL White Birch Water Tank - O Scale
 One may have seen my "What is in the box No. 2" back in December that included all the parts for this kit. The kit did not have any plans included but was a very straight forward build. I used canopy glue for most of the wall construction. I used Walthers Goo to add the fine skin siding to the walls. The corners take a little extra effort to get a nice fit. I used some 1x8" HO scale trim for roof eves as none are included. I modeled the door as open giving me the option of adding details inside the doorway. On the door I used Grandt Line hinges #5095 and a door handle from my HO scale parts box.

The walls are finished. Window, spout and chimney needs to be added along with the roofing.

The walls got a coat of Hunterline Weathering Mix. Once dry a wash of Floquil grime was added and a second wash which was Floquil rail brown in areas that I wanted to highlight. Bragdon powders are used to weather the walls a bit more. The window and door got the same applications.

The roofing included with the kit is very nice. It does have to be glued on strip by strip which was not a problem. Once applied it got a coating of Bragdon powders...mainly soot. A chimney is included which was painted Floquil old silver before adding. The water spout and brackets are painted the same with some weathering added. The glazing for the window got a spray of flat finish before installation. I am really happy with how the water tank turned out and for the price of $31.00 it is an excellent deal...George Dutka

Roofing and chimney is added and weathered.
Rear wall.

Sunday 6 April 2014

W&Q RY - Peter's Views

Peter Mumby took a few photos of my W&Q module a few weeks ago...thought I would share them with you...George Dutka