Sunday 22 September 2019

NER - Convention

I thought this was a great looking diorama with a ton of details.
Here are a couple of scenes from a large scale display in the contest room of the NMRA North East Regional convention this month...George Dutka

Another view from the same diorama.

Sunday 8 September 2019

FOS Structures

A FOS free kit offering this month that set alongside another could make a nice mini scene for my waterfront scene.
FOS has come out with a couple of interesting structures that I hope to construct as a small drop in background scene for photos ops....George Dutka

A couple of months ago FOS offered this kit in their Kit of the Month Club. These two structures can work well together. I wonder what else Doug has up his sleeve.

Portland, Maine Harbor

A look out into the harbor at Portland, Maine 1909. The kind of boats one would need with a waterfront scene.