Tuesday 30 December 2014

Hunterline 50 ft. Queen Post Bridge

Peter Mumby`s completed bridge is on the right and mine to the left. Once we added the wire rods and plates with adjustment nuts some Bragdon powders are used adding a rust and dust look.

WOD Make and Take Workshop
Earlier this month Don Janes, Peter Mumby and I attended the WOD (NMRA sub.) Make and Take workshop in Ingersoll, Ont. There is more coverage in my WRD blog posted earlier this month. We spent the day building a 50' Queen Post bridge supplied by Hunterline. Peter and I built the S scale version for use on our On30" modules. The 16' wide versions is just right for our trains. We got 90% of the bridge built during the workshop. Yesterday we finally got around to finishing our models. Peter is thinking of crossing a river and I am looking at a road crossing similar to one on the Maine Two Footers....George Dutka

The inspiration for my model`s setting is these two location found in M2FQ. I plan to build a roadway under mine. My bridge in this photo is about 90% finished.

Sunday 14 December 2014

Desktop Scene

Just out of storage my HOn30 turntable scene is ready for another modelers season. One of these days I may put all my small scenes together into a larger module.
Here is my little HOn30 turntable scene that normally sits next to my hobby work station. It normally rests on a swivel base so I can swing it around when I take a break from my current projects. I have done a post featuring this little scene in the past...George Dutka

Saturday 6 December 2014

Hinkle's scene finished

My little Bar Mills kit is now in place on my On30" module. It really fit in well in the foreground.
I finally got around to finishing the scenery on my Hinkle's general store scene. The photos tell the story...George Dutka

There are a lot of weeds and rubbish around Hinkle's general store.

Monday 1 December 2014

Swinging Old No. 9 Around

The boys have finished swinging old No. 9 around...think they will be heading out of town shortly.

I was taking a few photos of my On30 module the other day...mainly of my new loading ramp...thought this one at the turntable turned out really nice also...enjoy....George Dutka