Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas - Maine Style

Oh, Oh what's that...a load of bread from a Southern US food store chain showing up in Maine...will fill you in on that later.
Wishing all our blog followers a Merry Christmas...Peter and George.

Saturday 12 December 2015

Switch Stand at Sanders Flag Stop

One of my Alder switch stands is temporary placed next to the Sanders flag stop...until needed on the module...George Dutka

Friday 11 December 2015

Finishing up Sanders Flag Stop

The finished flag stop is ready to be added to a Gatorfoam base. I plan to take this display to the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine this fall...if you are there check it out.
The Sanders flag stop is now finished. The walls first got a coating of Hunterline weathering mix followed by washes of Floquil coach green on the bottom and a mix of Floquil SP lettering gray, reefer white and dirty thinner on the upper walls. I do not have any Floquil reefer gray as my paint stock dwindles. The paints are put on more as a wash so the Hunterline stain shows through. The windows and door got a full coat of coach green.

The sign is 5mm Letra Set dry transfer lettering applied to a CN blue stock folder. I photocopied it reducing it down to 60%. Bragdon powders will be applied shortly to the walls to finish it off...George Dutka

The platform and roofing is Hunterline weathering mix followed by a wash of Floquil Grime, thinned. Some Bragdon powder is also applied once dry.

One can see through the paint colours making it look old. The weathering powder is yet to be added.

My Sanders sign is made from dry transfer lettering reduced on a photocopier.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Alder Models O scale Switchstands

The targets needed gluing on before painting. They will be grimy black shortly.
At a recent flea market I came across a package of O scale switch stands made by Alder Models. It was a package of 6 which I split with Peter for use on our module...never knew they made O scale stands, I use Alder HO scale stands on the White River Division. Although these stands are not Maine prototype, they are Canadian (CPR) they are very nicely detailed and will work for me...will show you them on the layout shortly...George Dutka

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Check out this Blog Post

A young Dwight Smith in 1940.
Today on the Maine On2 FAQ blog there was four photos posted taken by Dwight Smith in 1940 on the B&H Ry. I would never have recognized Dwight from the photos as I know Dwight from my days as editor of the CVRHS over a decade ago...check out the link below and the photos took all those years ago...George Dutka

Tuesday 17 November 2015

B&H Ry Boxcar #72

Here we have a view I scanned from a print of boxcar number #72 I got from Mark Harris. This car is one of the largest two foot boxcars built and was in the group #71-73 with a 34 foot length over sills. This car survived to run at Edavlle in the 1940's. Not sure of the era of this photo but by the way the gentleman in the boxcar looks I am thinking it is during the days in Edaville....George Dutka

Sunday 8 November 2015

Baggage Wagon Loads

Old trunks on display at Palmer, Mass. on a just as old baggage wagon.
I took these photo a couple of year ago at the ex-station in Palmer, Mass. Nothing spectacular other than it gave me close look at old time trunks that I need to add to my own carts...George Dutka

A group of four old trunks that are showing their age. They do though give one hints to what the original colouring looked like.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Sn2 Crew

Looks like there is money to be made by the amount of passengers at the platform.
I took a group of photos with my pocket Canon of the Sn2 modules belonging to the Sn2 Crew at the January 2015 Springfield train show...George Dutka.

At Springfield 2015.
A Forney idling away.
The cut hay looks really good and the workers have their hands full. I took this close up to help with my own modeling...might give this scene a try.

An overall look at the cut hay.

A water tank on near the curve.

Monday 26 October 2015

Sanders Flag Stop - Roof`s On

The roofing was easy to apply and trim. One thing I found was the self sticking (probably 30 years old) backing is mostly gone so glue is applied.
The roofing is applied and is ready for stain. The windows included with the kit are 4 over 4, but the prototype windows seemed to have been 6 over 6 for at least some of its existence. The kit is marked as a Sanders Type station, not an exact duplicate anyhow. On my layout everything is a mix of all the two footer so a Sanders type flag stop is acceptable. Now on to the station painting and weathering....George Dutka

I used the edges of the roofing sheeting for the top trim.

I will be using a Grandt Line doorway and will model it open. The kit supplied the 4 over 4 windows that will be used.

Friday 23 October 2015

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016 - Augusta, Maine

The next National Narrow Gauge Convention will be in Maine, Sept 2016. One could already see the ads back in January at the Springfield train show. This banner is on the Sn2 modular layout...will post some photos of this layout shorty. I am already looking forward to head to Maine and attend this event...I missed the last one in Portland back a few years and don't want to pass this one by...George Dutka

Monday 19 October 2015

SR&RL - O Scale Sanders Station

Sanders flag stop station is well underway. I am adding a Taurus Products elbow stove pipe #4503 instead of building one from the parts supplied. Next up is the roofing which is sitting under the station at the moment.
Construction begins

Last week while our cupboards were being installed I had a chance to spend a few hours downstairs at the workbench. It was a choice between working on the layout or working on a kit. I decided to work on the Sanders flag stop which appeared to be a simple build. I decided to go with the scribe siding included instead of shingling the walls such as on the prototype. No shingles are included with this kit. The kit so far has gone together well. I forgot how much measuring and cutting old kits are compared to today's laser cut offerings.

Lots of supports are added prior to assembly. This project was done using canopy cement. Boards are pulled up at places and nail holes will be added. Wooden block supports are added under the station and platform. The right amount of material is included with the kit for each step of the project...stay tuned for more to follow on this project...George Dutka

The corners posts are attached and wall bracing is applied. My cast stack is seen in the package.

The four walls are glued with canopy cement and clamped in place. I use a square to check all is set properly. The flooring is seen to the left waiting to be inserted. All was a really good fit without much effort.

The building's wooden blocking that it rests on is glued to supports that run the length of the structure. The blocking for the platform is seen here still to be used.
In a back issue of Maine Two Foot Quarterly Magazine there was a nice photo of a completed model of Sanders. this helped me with my model.

Sunday 11 October 2015

What's in the Box No. 5

The box and plans included with the kit.
I purchased this second hand model kit of the Sanders style station this spring at the Schomberg show. It is an older kit produced by the Sandy River Car Shops decades ago. After building numerous newer laser kits this one is a real throwback to the past in our hobby. Although windows included are plastic the door is something one needs to build up. I will substitute a Grandt Line plastic one on my kit. With our kitchen cupboards going in this week and I have to be out of their way I plan on getting started on this model then. Will fill you in on the weekend how it all seems like an easy build. Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Canada....George Dutka

The instruction sheet, detail part bag, wall siding and wall and roof shingles are all seen.

There is cedar shingles included in this kit for the walls or roofing...will be using scribed siding for my model. The kit is marked as a SR&RL Sanders TYPE station. The plans are drawn from the restored station still found in Maine.

Saturday 3 October 2015

Getting your coal delivered

I don't know much about this photo other than I picked it up at an antique flea market a few years ago. What is interesting are the bags of coal in the rear of the truck. I remember hearing about bagged coal being delivered to homes years ago. Our first house had a coal converted to gas furnace with a coal storage area still built into the basement. My father-in-law recently showed me his old coal shifter he used when cleaning out the furnace as a kid...he sifted the coal dust reusing the chunks in the furnace and dumping the dust on the driveway. No waste back then. The coal dust packed down well on the driveway making a good base for parking on. I think this type of load would make a great model on a layout...George Dutka

Friday 11 September 2015

SR&RL # 556

This photo did not have any remarks on the back.
Here we have another look at a SR&RL caboose from the same group of photos I purchased this spring from Mark Harris. This caboose was built by the Maine Central in 11/15/13, the same time as #558. #557 was built two months earlier. I updated the text to the interior caboose post if you want to check back one post..enjoy... George Dutka

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Inside View of a SR&RL Caboose

A look into the interior of SR&RL caboose #551 or 552. This is one of a group of B&W photos and postcards I purchased at this years Schomberg narrow gauge show from Mark Harris. Mark has done some extensive research regarding the Maine Two footer.
I just finished scanning some photos yesterday for Peter and did a couple for myself...thought I should keep the caboose theme going with this post. One can tell this is one of the center cupola caboose be the cupola chair. I would have thought there was one on each side, but I guess that was not the case. Forward are two windows per side, behind the chair is the sliding door followed by three more windows...George Dutka

Friday 4 September 2015

On30" Caboose - SR&RL #559

My On30" equipment is crossing the causeway on my HO scale White River Division...the equipment and scene seems to blend together well.
I purchase this Bachmann lettered and painted caboose at the 2010 Springfield show. Once home I took it apart to add a few passenger to the interior...but this project was not completed till Oct. 2012 according to my notes....not sure why.

 The entire caboose got a coating of Floquil flat finish. The roof when apart was painted Floquil grimy black. Once assembled I added a Conductor to the rear platform and dusted on a bit of chalk and Bragdon powders...George Dutka

The caboose came apart really easy. The passengers are added and one can see the interior lighting included with the model.

I put the roof back on to get a before and after view of the roofing...the grimy black finish on the view below shows the difference which I really like.
The finished model ready to roll on my On30" module. I am really happy with how this Bachmann model turned out.

Sunday 16 August 2015

Yesterday's Postcard

I was playing around with our old Blackberry Playbook and came up with this postcard using my photos...George Dutka

Friday 7 August 2015

Maine Two Foot Pulpwood Cars

Maine Two Foot models by Steve Perry at Collinsville, Ct. 2015.
I took these photos of a display of Maine two footer pulp wood cars at this years Collinsville, Ct. Prototype Meet. An interesting track arrangement was set up using a mirror so one could see the underbody of the cars...George Dutka

Friday 17 July 2015

Leased Power on the W & Q

Here we see Barry's two pieces of "modern" power.  #4 is a modified Bachmann gas/mechanical unit.  #7 features a kit-built body on the mechanism of a Bachmann HO 44-ton loco.

Images and Text by Peter Mumby
My friend Barry Storey stopped by recently to check out the W & Q module.  It seems that Barry's collection of G, O standard gauge, HO, N, and Z models has recently been supplemented with a group of On30 pieces.  We were able to pose some of these units in the yard at Quebec Junction.  Barry kit bashed and detailed the internal combustion power himself; the steamers came from the Bruce  Peachey collection  when Bruce was in the process of retiring his On30 layout.

We caught a close-up of #4 near the Quebec Junction station.

A pair of these 18' Bachmann boxcars showed up with the locomotives - they probably carried enough spare parts to ensure the safe return of the units to home rails!

This Climax is another Bachmann model.

Steamer #67 is a modified Bachmann Forney with an added tender.

Monday 13 July 2015

RPM Meet Collinsville, Ct.

I was asked about details regarding the RPM meet in Collinsville, Ct. It is held the last weekend of May and details can be found on their website which will have lots of details for next years meet early next below...George Dutka

New England/Northeast

Tuesday 7 July 2015

S Scale Narrow Gauge Models - RPM Meet Collinsville, Ct.

A look at two S scale flat cars. The car on the left if a Westside Lumber Co. 3 foot gauge model. The car on the right is a WW&F 2 foot model.
Maine Narrow Gauge in S Scale
This group of photos I took are of models that  Dave Davies displayed of his work at this years RPM Meet in Collinsville, Ct. The models are S scale with most of the focus on Maine two foot gauge...enjoy...George Dutka

An overhead view of Dave Davies Mount Blue Model Co. under construction boxcar models...all S scale.

A Mount Blue Model Co. WW&F 28 foot boxcar kit well under way.

A closer look at Dave's kit-bashed version of a seven stake WW&F flat car.