Thursday 23 April 2015

Bachmann On30" Flat Cars

This Bachmann flat car has a good sway to it adding a bit of additional interest.
At the Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show one display had some interesting distressed flat cars...thought I would share the photos with you...George Dutka

Not sure how many heavy loads this car can still take.
This gondola got some distress to the top edges of the boards. There is a bit of a sway to the deck also.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

W&Q Overall View

The Quebec Jct. yard includes a siding and spur track.
This is one of Peter Mumby's overall view of his module during our recent photo shoot...George Dutka

Monday 20 April 2015

Ontario Narrow Gauge Show - Schomberg, Ont.

Maple Leaf Mafia's  On3 modular RGS  of  Dolores.
On Saturday I headed up to the hamlet of Schomberg, Ont. for the 10th annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show hosted by the Narrow Gauge Madness Gang. I have never been to this show but being the 10th anniversary they were planning a really good show. Held on two floors in the historic community center one found micro layouts, historical exhibits, equipment and locomotive models plus vendors. Large scale models of O scale and above was predominant. I did bring along three of my own model displays adding a Maine flavor to the event. By the end of the day the head count may have made this the best attended show to date.

Viewing the displays one will quickly learn that us narrow gauge modeler's are a different breed. Most exhibitors either scratch build or convert models to their liking...nothing right out of the box here. I was surprised at how many variations one can construct of a Bachmann On30" model...check out the switchers seen below. I also posted about my visit to Schomberg on my White River Division blog today using additional might want to check them out...more to come later this week right here...George Dutka

Some of my O scale casting purchased at the show at a great price.
Panther Hobbies always has a nice collection of On30" equipment for sale at shows they attends. Here is why...the owners collection of engines all variations from the same model...and he mentioned not bring them all.
Brian Fayle Gn15 Upton Whent Manor Estate micro layout.
Mt. Albert Scale Lumber's display of their first HO scale kit to be released shortly...they normally only offer O scale kits. They also had some great deals on lumber second's.
One of the many displays on the contest tables.
Dave Mehew micro layout. Gn15 Cold Creek Granite and Monument Co.
Some of my haul at the show. I have enough Mt. Albert lumber to get me through another modeling season.
Found at the show was a couple of vendors of vintage photos. Here are a few photos and postcards I picked up.

Friday 10 April 2015

Another IPad Photo

This is a close-up of Peter's On30" W&Q diesel fleet...not sure were the other six went, but this little guy is great running DCC equipped engine. The engine has a nice dirt and rust look to it without being overdone. Peter Mumby photo
Here we see the last of Peter's IPad photo shoot. It is amazing how close in one can get with an IPad and still get a clear photo with great depth of field...George Dutka

Monday 6 April 2015

Photo Session - The Sequel

An unusual load has arrived in the Quebec Junction yard.  The engineer of the 1-spot is probably wondering how the local yard crew is going to unload this large piece of equipment!
Words and Photos by Peter Mumby

The last couple of weeks have seen George and I conducting photo sessions at each other's homes on our two 0n30 modules.  We each have older model Canon Rebel Digital SLR cameras.  We set them on aperture priority mode using the highest available f-stop, and use the manual focus option.  The white balance is adjusted to the tungsten setting, and the tripod-mounted camera is set for the two-second timer.  In his layout room George has halogen ceiling lights which can be aimed as required;  in other rooms or at my place we use portable halogen units as our light source.  This set-up has generally yielded well-lit photos with good depth of field, but it certainly isn't the only option available.  George has a Canon pocket camera which he can set directly on the layout for interesting low-level shots.  He still uses an aperture priority setting and the halogen lighting, but the effect can be quite stunning.  As an experiment I decided to try something similar with the IPad; I never cease to be amazed at the depth of field possible with this device and the overall quality of the photos it produces.  Good lighting is still crucial, so the portable halogen units were again put to good use.  I don't think the IPad is ever going to replace the digital SLR, but it does present the photographer with another option.

The Quebec Junction station/freight house is the busiest spot in this neck of the woods.
Today the tank car in the background is the only clue that this is actually a working yard.
Two of the local canines are checking out the crates waiting to be picked up by the local drayman.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

At the Crossing

Busy morning on the W&Q Ry. as we find No. 9 at the crossing.
My Forney is about to cross one of two roadways on my W&Q Ry. module. I think there is an empty boxcar at the freight house that better make the afternoon run...George Dutka