Monday 20 January 2020

Pickstuff HO Scale Loading Dock

The finished loading dock with its wooden bumper edging. Some nut and bolt casting are also applied.
I pieced two loading docks together from a package of Pikestuff loading dock. This might be added to an industrial building at some point. Some details still need to be added to the dock...George Dutka

This is what comes in the package.
I assembled the dock using Walthers goo than painted it with Model Master acrylic light sea gray. Once dry it got a wash of india ink - alcohol mix. I then applied weathered with these colors of PanPastels. I made wooden edging from strip wood on hand weathering it with India ink alcohol mix.

Saturday 18 January 2020

Recent Scans

No date included with this photo.
I scanned these two photos from the group of narrow gauge photos I purchased from George Melvin. These two have no information and I don't seem to be able to place the location...George Dutka

Wednesday 8 January 2020

Updating a On30" Covered Bridge

My finished On30" covered bridge.
Last week I weathered and updated a covered bridge I purchased a few years ago I had planned on selling it at a local train show as I was not sure if I could use it. Well it looks so much better I think I will keep it for now. More on what I did later...George Dutka

This is how it looked before I began on this project last week.

Friday 3 January 2020

SR&RL - Deep into WInter

The snow is deep on the SR&RL with flanger and plow in tow. No details for this photo. I scanned it from the group of photos I purchased from George Melvin. This one is a postcard.

Just found the details, Strong, Maine Jan. 1935. Moody Railroad Photos