Sunday 28 May 2017

B&SR Tank Car - On30"

The finished On30 model.

A few years back Peter and I painted and lettered two Bachmann On30 tank cars. I believe we also lowered the trucks as per Bob Hayden's article in the Narrow Gauge Gazette some years ago.
My tank was undecorated so it was painted silver. We built a wood frame around the tank such as on the prototype and following Bob's article. I weathered mine using Bragdon powders.

The B&SR letter is from a set made for a flat car project years ago by Trevor Marshall. Kind of a neat model once all done...George Dutka

The flat is painted boxcar red with a deck which is painted with Floquil grime and wash's by Hunterline.

Friday 19 May 2017

W&Q Flat Car

One of a handful of cars servicing my six foot module.
A couple of years ago Peter Mumby and I each built a flat car for our modules using an un-decorated Bachmann model. We painted the models boxcar red and made our own lettering using letter and number dry transfers applied on decal paper. The decks are painted to reflect a wooden look. The stakes are stripwood that is cut to length. Light weathering is applied. This was a quick and easy project. These models are shorter than the prototype but will do for now...George Dutka

Saturday 13 May 2017

SR&RL Museum, Philips Maine

The two Forney's are posed for a moment before the run back to the Sanders station.
Black last September Don Janes and I took a ride on the Sandy River during the fall National Narrow Gauge Convention. Here are a few views from that day with more to come...George Dutka

Live steam on loan from the Portland Museum.

A really nice coach that has been rebuilt.

The run past was done mid day.
The Sanders station is the point we boarded the train. I built a model of this structure last year...was nice to see it first hand.

The groups home made power is a good looking replica of a Forney. The restored Maplewood station looked great.

Tuesday 9 May 2017

NMRA-NFR Convention Model

Maine two footers are included in this years NFR regional convention.
 On the weekend I attended the NFR regional convention held in Kitchener, Ontario. The contest room is always a good place to check out the best work of modelers. I entered a couple of models and my narrow gauge frt. house won for structures. The only other Maine model was a HOn30" F&C caboose that was nicely built...enjoy...George Dutka