Friday 29 May 2015

A Summer Day Beginning

A SR&RL morning Mixed is ready to depart Philips, Maine in 1935. A neat small and simple train one can easily model. No need for complex operational journals and lists for this train.
Another neat view I purchased from Mark Harris that is titled A Summer Day Beginning, views SR&RL No. 24 (Baldwin, 1919) with a boxcar and combine No. 14. This is the daily mixed train out of Philips, Maine. The photo is dated May 18, 1935 and is credited to Peter Cornwall photo/collection...George Dutka

Sunday 24 May 2015

Staged SR&RL

I purchased a group of B&W photos at this years Schomberg narrow gauge show from Mark Harris. Mark has been collecting Maine photos for years and has decided to thin it down a bit. This image of SR&RL #17 (Baldwin, 1893) is at Philips, Maine in 1935. Mark mentioned this photo was staged as was told to him when researching the SR&RL. In the photos from left to right are Bob McMullen, conductor, Fred Leavitt, engineer, Clarence `Sonny`Fairbanks, brakeman....George Dutka

Saturday 16 May 2015

Forney Engine House - O Scale

Schomberg Scale Models O scale engine house is a nice cast plaster model that one could add to any narrow gauge layout. The structure will house two Forneys. This brick engine house although not prototypical for the Maine two footers appears to have that looks of one that might fit in well on a backwoods layout. I don't think they are available through Schomberg Scale Models these days, but one might find it at a local train show or on ebay...George Dutka

Friday 8 May 2015

Bar Mills Shack Pack - O Scale

One of the Schomberg show vendors selling built O scale structures had a Bar Mills Shack Pack scene...more views on my White River Division blog...George Dutka

Friday 1 May 2015

Photo Shoot

We took this photo with Peter's camera. Not sure who gets credit for the photo as we are both in it. As we took our photos I held up the flood light and snapped the photo. Peter was the backdrop boy for this shoot.
While Peter and I took part in our last photo shoot in my basement I thought it might be nice to take a few views of us doing our stuff...using the timer this is what we came up with...took a few tries to get it right needs to set the timer....George Dutka

Now we swap chores. Peter has the light and handles his camera as I become the backdrop boy. The timer took the photo on my camera.