Friday 31 August 2018

FOS Foundations - Kits

FOS scale models offer a group of  four easy to build structures that could be good focus for beginners. There actually are a couple here I might be able to use...George Dutka

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Bar Mills - Crown Crate Company

Bar Mills kit on display.
I purchased this model for use on one of my narrow gauge dioramas at some point. Thought I would show you the display of the kit at this years Springfield Train Show. Now to build the kit...George Dutka

Saturday 18 August 2018

Water Tank - Upgraded

This tank I purchased assembled. Since then I have repainted and weathered it.
I purchased this water tank back last winter with a few other narrow gauge structures. All the structures needed some work and upgrading. This tank I repainted adding chain to the spout and PanPastel weathering. This past week I got around to adding a few ground detailing which finally finishes off the model...George Dutka

The tanks wooden supports are painted with Floquil grime. The spout is done with old silver then rusted up using acrylic's. I added an old ladder which is from a AHM fire house kit. Some wood boards and ground foam finishes it off. It can now be dropped in any available scene.
A Juneco barrel is added to one corner. Ground foam is added all along the base. Brick Mortar Formula is applied to the brick. Once dry it is rubbed off the brick facing.

Trackside view. The tank was sprayed black then weathered with PanPastels. The finial and roof ribs are painted Floquil jade. The window and door are coloured with Bragdon powder green.

Friday 10 August 2018

Craftsman Jason Jensen

I came across a very talented structure modeler, Jason Jensen's who posts on Facebook on a regular basis. He is very good at grouping structures together to make one scene. He will be at this years Fine Scale Modelers Expo in Albany. For extra information and photos check out my post on the White River Division blog...George Dutka

A very creative idea for the use of three kits.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

PanPastels and Brushes

My go-to weathering pods.
The following four colours which are seen above are my go to colours for weathering.

Raw Umber Shade - a good base earthy dirty colour
Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark – a darker red which is a good weathering match to Floquil Tuscan red and many other shades of boxcar red.
Neutral Gray – a nice light gray which accents gray covered hoppers and works well on car roofs as faded areas.
Titanium White – a nice colour for highlighting details, steaking of road names, numbers and cement spillage on hoppers.

Once one figures out what weathering powders and pastels are needed a set of brushes are a good way to go. A few years ago I purchased a set of 6 artist brushes which are sold as a group for about $15. There is a variety of sizes in the package. I also use micro brushes which are fairly cheap and gives one excellent results on rivet seams and hard to reach locations. My weathering brushes are exclusively used for weathering and never used for application of paints. 

Now back to some structure weathering...George Dutka

My set of brushes used strictly for weathering.