Sunday 30 April 2017

Schomberg Show - A Forney Story

While at the Schomberg Narrow Gauge show I was getting a good look at David Woodhead's  narrow gauge models historical display. On the display there was a nice looking Forney. David explained that this model was built by good friend Chris Creighton many years ago...George Dutka

For something built a long time ago it looks really good.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show - A Second Look

David Woodhead's models on display on his module.
Here we have a few more views from the Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show...George Dutka

On the modelers contest table this year had a small HO narrow gauge engine that has been 3-D printed with a few added detail parts applied.

How would you like to build your model cars from cutouts found in card-stock booklets. That is what they did when modeling in the 1940's. The gentleman who now is in his late 80's built these models as a 12 year old. He had a really nice display of his work.

A G scale model for sale at the show. A really neat looking model that is well detailed.
More G scale offerings above and below.

The main floor displays.

On30" layout from the Ottawa area.

More displays on the second floor. The model contest tables are behind me while I take this photo.

Monday 24 April 2017

A Mini Narrow Gauge Museum - David Woodhead

A really neat display of models from many decades ago.
Here are a few more photos from this years show in Schomberg, Ontario. David Woodhead put together this neat little history board using kits from the past....George Dutka

Sunday 23 April 2017

Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show 2017

Maple Leaf Mafia - On3 modular RGS Dolores 10' long diorama
On Saturday I drove up to Schomberg, Ontario to attend the annual narrow gauge show. A great time with a good crowd. The clinics are a nice part of the day and with one being hands-on, it made the day for me...more photos to come shortly...George Dutka

Bruce Leckie's new module

A narrow gauge barge display. On30"

Mt Albert's table. A lot of great deals on off cut wood. Great for all us scratch-builder's in attendance.

The PanPastel hands on clinic
This was one of the bargain's to be had at this years show. A G scale logging truck kit-built and well detailed and weathered...check out the price sticker.
Chris Creighton little diorama using one of his silo kits.

Sunday 9 April 2017

My Old HOn30" Equipment

My first model railroad kit that I purchased and built back in the 1980's. Till yesterday this car has not been out of the box in at least a decade.
Back in the 1980's I spent a lot of time modeling in HOn30". I did not really have a lot available to work with. Our local hobby shop back then did not stock Maine models but they did get in Bob Jones SR&RL volumes when it first was published...which I quickly acquired. Most of what I could purchase for modeling Maine Two Footer I had to order by mail.

I originally purchased a Sandy River Car Shops, SR&RL boxcar no. 85. Using this car for measurements I scratch-build a few more. I had only been modeling for a few years at this point and really did not know were to look for details other than through RMC and MR. I used a lot of electrical wire bent to suit my needs and balsa wood found at our model plane store. Our local hobby shop did have a good stock of O scale detail parts for scratch-building but almost nothing in HO scale.

These views are of my model built way back then. Maybe a little crude to today's standard but nice to still have. Wordless Wednesday this week (and also next week) views some of my early scratch-building attempts. Looking back it is hard to believe some of my very first models constructed were actually scratch-built and in narrow gauge...George Dutka

This model when built did not come with decals. I used dry transfers lettering that I purchased at our local stationary store. This store is long gone and I am not sure if one can still get dry transfer lettering sheets in town.
Before I took this photo I have added a bit of PanPastels to the roof and to the sides. The top photo shows the car before any pastels are added. I thought the car was too red.

Saturday 8 April 2017

It is time consuming work loading a tender

Bridgton Jct. Maine. Here we see the B&H Ry. loading its tenders right from the standard gauge car on the interchange track around 1930.
As in the last post we look at the chore of coaling a locomotive on the Maine Two Footers. This photo hangs on the wall of the museum up in Portland, Maine. If it is not all that clear it is because I took a shot of it on the wall. I wonder if this car was just set off as the MEC caboose is seen in the background. Does not look like a lot of coal has been unloaded by this point. A really nice scene to model...George Dutka

Friday 7 April 2017

SR&RL No. 18

Kind of a neat scene to model. The boys are filling the tender with coal the hard way or the only way they can. Note the one side was removed from the flat making it easier to unload. Looks like the whole crew is at work with this chore.
The next couple of posts we will view crews loading coal the hard way. Most of the larger railroads had coal towers but not these  little two footers.  This is a photo I have recently acquired. SR&RL engine no. 18 at Strong, Maine. This engine was SRR no. 2 built by Baldwin in 1893...George Dutka