Saturday 25 February 2017

Cattails - JTT Offering

Some cattails are placed on each side of the waterway. Lily pads also by JTT are seen near the middle of the scene. My 3D printed moose is also added to this scene.
I got some HO cattails this month. I split them up between my HO and On30" module. I quickly learned a second package is needed...George Dutka

24 cattails are included in a package. Seems like a lot till one starts planting them.

I think these HO scale cattails look fine even in a O scale scene.

Monday 20 February 2017

Two Foot Plow at Portland, Maine

On display this fall at the museum in Portland, Maine.
Here are a couple of view from this fall of a narrow gauge plow in poor condition. Don't think this one will be plowing much this winter...George Dutka

Some loose boards are now down. One can see a lot of rot.

Sunday 12 February 2017

My New Little Bridge, Too

This view shows how the new addition fits in with the original Quebec Junction module.

Commentary by Peter Mumby with Photos by George Dutka.

This post is the sequel to George's January 12, 2017 offering, "My New Little Bridge."  Several months ago, we came away from a local NMRA hands-on clinic with two nicely detailed Hunterline bridges.  We could have built the HO model, and considered the O scale counterpart.  This was rejected as being too large, so we settled on the S scale kit.  This turned out to be the ideal choice for inclusion with our On30 modules.  In my case, the foot long addition incorporating the new bridge created a useful tail track for servicing the Quebec Junction yard.

The local neighbours will be unhappy to see that the invasive purple loosestrife has found a foothold in the area.  This particular planting originated with a package of 0 scale flowering bushes from JTT products.

Here is an overall view of the new mini-module.

Saturday 4 February 2017

Coco Beach - Barn display

A look inside the barn.
While at the RPM Coco Beach 2017 one of the displays was a very nicely built barn. The neat thing about it was the fact it can be pulled apart for one to see the interior..this might fit nicely on a narrow gauge layout...George Dutka

The roof and second flooring is in the foreground.

A look at all the details inside.