Monday 26 September 2016

Petticoat Junction - Water Tank

The Soggy Bottom and Deep Cut Railway, Navigation & Cartage Co. had a nice layout at this years NNGC. Don Janes covered it nicely on my White River Division on the sidebar. I thought I would show you a few close ups I took of the water tank. The tank was modeled as seen on the old TV series Petticoat Junction with the three girls swimming in the water tank. I asked where the girls came from. One of the members re-figured the girls from O and other scale models to represent the girls from the show...George Dutka

The three girls and their dog in the tank plus some neat looking towels hanging off the side.

The girls would not be having much fun in my Maine style tank that is fully enclosed, but with it being heated through the winter swimming in the snow could be interesting.

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