Thursday 22 July 2021

A Plow Deadhead Movement

Not a clear photo but the back mentions this to be SR&RL 18 and 25 southbound with plow 513 between Philips and Strong during the summer of 1936. Peter Cornwall collection.

In this photo that I believe is from those I purchased in a collection from George Melvin is of two SR&RL engines handling a plow. On the CN we called that movement, deadhead equipment...George Dutka

Tuesday 13 July 2021

On30" Tank Car

The tank car got some modifications following what Bob Hayden did to his car which was covered in the Narrow Gauge Gazette.

This Bachmann On30" tank car got some changes which gives it a more Maine two foot look...George Dutka

All around the tank a heavy wood beam was added with Grandt bolt castings. The under body was altered to lower the trucks down. Currently Bachmann offers proper trucks so changes do not have to be made to the car. The rolling stock looks great with the new trucks.

I later applied rust spots using acrylic paints.

The lettering is done with a Black Cat flat car decal set offered by Trevor Marshall a number of years ago for a B&SR flat car project.


Wednesday 7 July 2021

Updating a Bachmann Flat Car Deck

The deck is now completed...a bit more ageing than in the last post.

When I completed this flat car chalk and dry brush painting was my main weathering options. I did at time over-spray colors as weathering. There are a lot more weathering options today. I decided to try a few of my current effects on this cars decking. Some worked great and others not so much. Here is what I found worked best...George Dutka 

Two shades of AK pencils are used to mark the deck along the grooves.

Close up of the deck once the AK pencils were used.

I applied some Bragdon powders rust tone on and around the stake pockets. I also dusted the deck with some PanPastel raw umber shade and white. Very little PanPastel was used. I was going to use some AK stain for wood but it did not seem to flow well on the other coatings.