Thursday 18 April 2019

Tree Making

My finished trees are seen on my W&Q module. The tree to the left is the raffle prize tree I won built by Pat Rivard.
In April the WOD’s meet was a Make and Take tree building clinic.  The clinic was hosted by Pat Rivard. He has made hundreds of these tall pines for his layout and we learned how to make our own.
Pat took us through all the steps of tree building and surprisingly we all had at least one finished tree by lunch time. Pat gave out a few extra trunks as take-home projects. I decided to paint and highlight my tree trunk before I left since all the paints and stains are still in front of me. I was lucky to win one of Pat’s finished tree as a raffle prize. So, I went home with two completed trees, a finished trunk and leftover branches from my tree build. These are all in O scale. 

When I got home, I decided to plant my two trees on my W&Q On30 module. My bottle brush tree was replaced. The trees looked great and got me motivated to finish my other trunk. I thought while the steps were fresh in my mind and all my tree making tools were still together in a box on my workbench, I should finish the tree.  After supper in no time at all the tree was done and planted at the loading dock ramp...George Dutka

Mike and Gord shape their tree trunks. All the supplies are laid out for us to complete at least one tree.
Peter Mumby has his trunk coloured and is applying tree branches.
Peter and I are about done with our trees.
One more step Pat applies hair spray to my tree branches then ground foam.
This is my third tree planted near the loading dock on the W&Q. I used all the leftover branches I had.
Another view of my newest trees. I think they turned out great.

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