Sunday, 10 October 2021

The Junction Transfer Yard

My junction transfer yard posed in front of my HO White River Division layout. For a time when the layout was first built the Summit scene was two-footer structures.

A look at another one of my HOn30" diorama. It was just on my workbench for a refresh...more on this one later...George Dutka   


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  2. Hello,
    First of all, I congratulate you on your site. A wealth of information and links. WELL DONE !
    Question I am also a model maker, but in France, it complicates the search for documents a bit.
    I would like to reproduce an "interpretation" of the Birdgton Junction. "I find this site interesting with the main line of Maine Central and the freight exchange site with the B & SRR. Including the double gauge track.

    Could you tell me where I can find pictures or maps of this station? I have a "schematic" plan on your site, but I would like to go further.

    Thank you very much and take care of you.

    Fran├žois Cottebrune from Paris France

    1. Thanks, I will look in my files Fancois and post what I find here...George