Wednesday 7 July 2021

Updating a Bachmann Flat Car Deck

The deck is now completed...a bit more ageing than in the last post.

When I completed this flat car chalk and dry brush painting was my main weathering options. I did at time over-spray colors as weathering. There are a lot more weathering options today. I decided to try a few of my current effects on this cars decking. Some worked great and others not so much. Here is what I found worked best...George Dutka 

Two shades of AK pencils are used to mark the deck along the grooves.

Close up of the deck once the AK pencils were used.

I applied some Bragdon powders rust tone on and around the stake pockets. I also dusted the deck with some PanPastel raw umber shade and white. Very little PanPastel was used. I was going to use some AK stain for wood but it did not seem to flow well on the other coatings.

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