Sunday 27 June 2021

Bachmann On30" Flat

I took this photo sometime ago of the finished flat. The stakes came with the car. The deck got a wash of Floquil grime followed by roof brown while the grime was wet. At that time I only was using chalks for weathering.

I did a couple of Bachmann flats up for my W&Q Ry back in 2010. Here are some photos of how it looks before I spent sometime today redoing the deck...will show you that in another post...George Dutka

The lettering is a mix of CDS dry transfers and others transfers that are applied to decals paper then added to the car. I was just using what I had on hand. This was a joint project with Peter Mumby on our workshop Mondays, so we scrounged through his vast collection of bits and pieces. The sides are painted Floquil boxcar red.

The car looks good as is but I wanted to make the decking look better as that is what one sees first when looking at the car. More on this shortly.

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