Saturday, 29 May 2021

Railfanning the SR&RL in Philips, Maine

Photo run-by on Sept. 9, 2016. I found there was so many visitors that stood up close to the train that a good photo of the train was impossible to get. I wonder what sort of photo this group came away being so close to the tracks.

During the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Maine Don Janes and I took the bus trip up to Philips, Maine to visit the railway display and museum. One event planned for us was a run-by in an open field which was not really well planned. There was no photo line, everyone just picked a spot which included many people in the photos. The group here taking a photo in the shade was not bad but when the train was seen in the sunshine it was a different story. Funny many of those are just there to watch and not take photos seemed to be right up front. So I stood back and photographed the gang in front of the passing train documenting the days events...George Dutka

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