Thursday 15 April 2021

Rufus Jones Farm House

Bob Bennett photo

The following comments and photo I received from Bob Bennett recently regarding the barn and farm house I posted about recently...George Dutka

"The farm buildings you photographed are about a mile and a half from my house here in South China; you must have shot them just before or after you visited my layout (one of 147 by the way). I am a member of the South China Library Board and we purchased all of that property about five years ago. A new library building is, very, slowly being completed on the site.

The house in the photo has no heat and is presently being used mostly for storage. It is a very typical New England layout and has a lot of its original furnishings and details. The barn is in pretty good condition although there are some "openings" other than the doors and windows. It is still full of stuff from previous renters and owners and we're trying to clean it out. The house, built in the 1820's, was the birthplace of a pretty well-known Quaker activist, Rufus Jones. Friends, as they were also known, were quite numerous in this part of Maine and Jones is a common name for their families. Rufus even tried to take on Hitler in the 1930's."...Bob Bennett.

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