Wednesday 28 February 2024

Bob Boudreau RIP - SR&RL Plow

A kit bashed plow by Bob Boudreau
I learned from Clare Gilbert (Sylvan Scale Models) today that we lost the great modeler Bob Boudreau yesterday. Although I never had the chance to meet him, I followed his work through the years. A very talented modeler. As a tribute to him on my narrow gauge blog I thought I would share one of his nice group of photos of a plow he kit bashed...George Dutka

I believe Bob mentioned using a On30 flat car in the kit-bash project in his post. 


  1. Sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was indeed a great modeler, very inspirational.
    I too, grew up in the hobby with his influence. Thanks for showing the plow pics.

  2. That is sad news. I never met him either but he was a great influence on our hobby. Thanks for sharing.