Friday 12 June 2020

Sanders - On30"

My Sanders model added to a Gatorfoam base. I added a lot of details to the side of the building and also the platform.
Here we have some views of my finished drop-in scene that was completed in 2015. I took it to the NNGC in Maine back in 2016...George Dutka

The two figures are actually Christmas village scene details that my friend Peter Mumby gave me. They are not the normal size one gets in the dollar store but closer to O scale. Some touch up to the paint and they look pretty good in the scene.
The whistle post is actually an O scale Osborne Models details. Osborne had dropped their O scale details, but they still show up at local trains flea markets. They are not a Maine thing but does look good on my drop-in scene.
Some real dirts. stones and longer static grass brings the scene to life.

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