Saturday 14 March 2020

Finishing my On30" Covered Bridge

The finished model.
I did not build this bridge but I spent an afternoon weathering it up a few months ago to take to the Woodstock train show. As it turned out I liked how it looked and will build a diorama around it. I had already posted a few photos of here is some of what I did...George Dutka

This is how it looked when I began
Once all the acrylics are applied I went over all the roofing with a rust color PanPastel, but lightly.
End view

Close-up of the roofing that looks a lot better now.
The deck less tracks has got a good coat of PanPastel grays.
These are all the colors I used to paint the roof and walls of this bridge. There are about four colors of rust on the roof seams and edges. Some sponging of these colours was included.
Some of the PanPastel colours used on the sides. I also ran a AK pencil down many of the seams using a dust/rainmarks colouring. The left side has the pencil marks while the right still needs some applied.

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