Saturday 2 November 2019

O Scale Shed Updated

The finished model ready for a home on my module.
I picked up this smaller O scale shed back in the spring at the local Woodstock train show. It was a throw in building when I purchase two stations and a frt. a good deal even though it did not look like much at first...George Dutka

A hole was drilled for the stack which is a Taurus Product. I also made a wood footing for the structure to sit on.
The door and window trim was green but I upped the colouring with PanPastel green. The walls got some dark grey PanPastel colouring. I sponged some chalkboard black acrylic on the door windows and upper area of the walls. Under the eves is painted black.
The roof got some Bragdon dark rust as highlights. The roofing material is fine grade sandpaper. I also used some rust texture to highlight the ends of the tar paper and grooves were residue would lay.
When I was done painting and weathering the walls it still did not look right. I decided what the heck and applied a wash of India ink and alcohol which made the wall pop. The walls have some really nice grain in it. Some AK dark slime was also sponged on the lower areas.
The chimney is rusted up another sign applied. I really went to town with a lot of small junk or should I say details. The window was a rough opening that I trims up with some strip-wood.

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